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Heinz von Cramer (born July 12, 1924 in Stettin ; † March 24, 2009 at Viterbo , Italy ) was a German author and radio play director . He is considered a leading director of experimental radio plays, in which he has often used his own compositions and various noises as background music and as a supplement to spoken texts.


Heinz von Cramer grew up as the son of Baltic parents in the garrison town of Potsdam . Instead of becoming a farmer or reserve officer according to his parents' wishes, he studied music in Berlin from 1938 to 1943 , with Boris Blacher , among others . In 1944 he deserted and went into hiding in Berlin. (According to other sources, he had to live hidden in Berlin because of his Jewish origins.) After the Second World War , von Cramer worked as a dramaturge , director and later as a radio play author at RIAS . During this time he also wrote opera libretti and ballet texts for Boris Blacher, Hans Werner Henze and Gottfried von Eine .

In 1953 von Cramer emigrated to Italy and lived as a freelance writer on the island of Procida in Italy. In 1975 he received the war blind radio play award for his production of the Goldberg Variations by Dieter Kühn , and in 1985 for Nightshade by Friederike Roth .



  • Empress Soraya. Love and intrigue in Persia. Freely edited from contemporary sources by Heinz Cramer. Berlin / Düsseldorf: German book distribution and publishing company, 1954
  • San Silverio Cologne, Berlin; Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 1955
  • Heaven's concessions . Hamburg: Hoffmann and Campe, 1961
  • The fictional character . Hamburg: Hofmann and Campe 1961
  • Excerpt from the second book The Color of Freedom , in: Adalbert Keil (ed.): Die Prophezeiung. Gypsy stories. Row: Goldmanns Yellow TB # 1622. Munich 1965. (Anthology, first with Kurt Desch, ibid. 1964) pp. 17–34.
  • The parallel thinker . Hamburg: Hoffmann & Campe, 1968
  • The savages of the Cape . Cunning. 1968.


  • Life like in paradise . Hamburg: Hoffmann and Campe, 1964

Television films

  • 1967 That was Urmuz. Documentation of a case of poetry. Prod .: SFB . (Director)
  • 1967 This man and Germany. Prod .: WDR (script, director: Hans Jürgen Pohland)

Radio plays (selection)

  • 1959 The Slap in the Face (RIAS / BR)
  • 1964 The Slap in the Face - Director: Hans Knötzsch (Broadcasting of the GDR)
  • 1967 Records of an Ordinary Man (HR / SDR)
  • 1974 Lobster Quadrille (BR)
  • 1975 readings (BR)
  • 1978 Barzaz Breiz - singer Bretagne (HR / BR / SR)
  • 1980 Heretic Chronicle (SFB / BR / HR)
  • 1981 Sergei Diaghilew and the classical ballet (DRS)
  • 1983 Popol Vuh (WDR)
  • 1984 exit to Cythera (WDR)
  • 1988 October nights - Les nuits d'Octobre (WDR)
  • 1991 Lacenaire or Die Schurkenehre (BR)
  • 1991 The stone is the stone is the stone is the ... - Four aspects of one and the same phenomenon (SDR)
  • 1992 Isabella or The New Order (SDR / SFB)
  • 1992 The Wrath of God and Man - Attempt at a festival on the threshold of the Age of Unreason (SDR)
  • 1993 That's it, Elvis! or The American Way of Death (NDR / HR)
  • 1994 Landscape at War (YLE / WDR)
  • 1994 Yorik's final words at the turn of the century (WDR)
  • 1995 Alfandar or The People of the Night (BR)
  • 1996 Marivaux or The Execution of Love (WDR)
  • 1996 Night Play with the Dead (HR)
  • 1997 Haydn's head or Der Irrsinn der Welt - A fantasy piece based on a true story and texts from ETA Hoffmann's "Kreisleriana" (WDR)
  • 1999 Jane Austen or Portrait of a Lady writing a novel (WDR)
  • 1999 Underkarls Travel (DLR / WDR / MDR)
  • 2004 Every page is the beginning, every page is the end or states like in ancient Rome (based on sonnets by Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli ) - also directed (NDR)
  • 2006 broadcast 80: "Kruscht"
  • 2008 Lovecraft - Attempt to bring the image of a writer back to life using excerpts from his work (HR)
  • 2008 Flicker, Intoxication and Chainsaws - A Fata Morgana with Michi Herl, Peter Liermann (DLR)
  • 2008 Maeterlinck or Echoes of a Forgotten World (SWR)
  • 2012 Unexpected events A black comedy , director: Burkhard Schmid, Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis , radio play of the month May 2012

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