Hessian State Criminal Police Office

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Hessian State Criminal Police Office

Logo of the Hessian State Criminal Police Office
State level Hesse
position State authority
Headquarters Wiesbaden , Hesse
Authority management Sabine Thurau
Servants about 840

The Hessian State Criminal Police Office (HLKA) is a police authority of the State of Hesse with its seat in the state capital Wiesbaden . The HLKA is subordinate to the Hessian Ministry of the Interior and has around 840 employees. Its history goes back to 1945, when the State Criminal Police Office of Hesse was established.


Coat of arms of the Hessen police

The responsibilities of the HLKA result from § 92 HSOG (Hessian law on public safety and order). After that, it is the central office of the state police in criminal matters . It regulates the exchange of messages between the State Criminal Police Offices and the Federal Criminal Police Office . In the case of crime-fighting tasks, he is responsible for the technical supervision of the police departments subordinate to the state police headquarters.

According to a regulation of the state of Hesse, the HLKA itself is also criminal prosecuting operates and carries out its own investigations in

  • extensive and difficult white-collar crime cases,
  • State security offenses (if these are prosecuted by the Attorney General ),
  • supra-local organized, illegal trade in narcotics, weapons, ammunition and explosives,
  • organized production or distribution of counterfeit money and totally counterfeit cashless means of payment,
  • Environmental criminal matters with supra-local significance,
  • Nuclear crime



The President of the HLKA Sabine Thurau was relieved of her duties by the Hessian Interior Minister Boris Rhein in November 2010 . In June 2011, the decision followed that the civil service trial period had not been passed. From November 2010 to February 2013, the South Hessian Police President Gosbert Dölger held the office of President as part of a delegation. Since then, Sabine Thurau has held the office of President of the Hessian State Criminal Police Office again.


  • The head of the State Criminal Police Office has the title of President .
  • The usual convention for the names of the State Criminal Police Office is: State Criminal Police Office State name (e.g. "State Criminal Police Office Bremen"). Hesse and Bavaria deviate from this convention .

The LKA as a crime scene scene

Since 2010, Commissioner Felix Murot (actor Ulrich Tukur ) has been solving fictitious murder cases for the Hessian State Criminal Police Office in the Tatort television series .

title First broadcast
Like Lilly once did 2010
The village 2011
Free from giddiness 2013
Born in pain 2014

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