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Honda Zoomer

The Honda Zoomer NPS50 (in North America Honda Ruckus ) is a single-seat scooter from the Japanese manufacturer Honda . It was launched in Japan and the USA in 2002, and in Europe in 2004; In 2012 Honda stopped selling.

Technical details

The scooter is powered by a liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine with 50 cm³ displacement, overhead camshaft and electronic fuel injection and has a regulated catalytic converter . Consumption is around 2.2 liters of regular petrol per 100 km. The North American model has a carburetor with choke and no catalytic converter instead of injection . Due to its design, the zoomer does not achieve the liveliness of similar scooters with two-stroke engines. In the EU version it is increased to a maximum speed of max. 42–45 km / h restricted. A throttling to max. 25 km / h is possible.

An electronic starter with a brushless alternator was an innovative novelty that made a separate starter motor superfluous. The light, maintenance-free and magnetically driven water pump works without mechanical seals. The continuously variable, fully automatic Honda V-Matic V-belt transmission is maintenance-free. The chassis can also handle light off-road trips. The equipment of instruments is limited to the bare essentials, tachometer, fuel gauge and clock are missing. There is no weather protection, only the wide running board protects something from splashing water from below. The arrangement of the frame and handlebars allows tall riders to sit comfortably over long distances. The low weight makes it easy to maneuver the scooter, and jacking it up on the main stand is easy.

The model is very popular in the USA and Japan, where it is often extremely modified and increased in performance. Honda itself offered accessories to customize the scooter. There are accessories from other manufacturers.

Honda Zoomer

In Germany, the model could not establish itself due to its high price and unusual design, despite its technical features. Honda stopped selling the scooter at the end of 2012.

To operate the Honda Zoomer on public roads in Germany, the ABE and the annually (March 1st) changing moped insurance license plate as well as at least the driving license class AM (at Vmax 25 km / h: moped test certificate) are sufficient.

No separate driving license is required in Austria, except for a moped license for 15-year-olds. Moped license plates and insurance as well as the related annual §57a “Pickerl” assessment are mandatory.

Technical specifications

engine Liquid-cooled SOHC single- cylinder four-stroke engine with overhead camshaft and 4 valves (inlet 14.5 mm / outlet 11.0 mm), roller rocker arm, aluminum radiator
ignition Digital transistor ignition
Bore × stroke / displacement / injection 38.0 × 44.0 mm / 49.9 cm³, electronic PGM-FI fuel injection with fast automatic idling and safety ignition system shutdown (tilt sensor)
Exhaust gas cleaning Controlled 3-way catalytic converter with EURO 2 secondary air system
compression 12: 1
Maximum performance (95/1 / EC) 3.0 kW (4.1 HP) at 7,500 rpm (engine speed limit at 7,800 rpm)
Maximum torque (95/1 / EC) 4.5 Nm at 5,000 rpm
Engine oil Viscosity SAE 10W30 (JASO T903 standard), amount 0.6 l (after draining) or 0.7 l (after dismantling)
Tank capacity 4.8 liters
Fuel quality Min. 91 octane (regular gasoline) - E10 (fuel) - suitable according to Honda E10 compatibility list as of January 10, 2010
starter Electric starter generator (0.210 kW at 5,000 rpm) and kick starter
spark plug ER8EH - N or ER9EH - N, electrode gap 0.60 - 0.70 mm
battery 12 volts - 6 Ah
Fuses Main fuse 20 A, secondary fuses 15 A
lighting Headlights 12 V 35/35 W, brake / tail light 12 V 21/5 W, indicators 12 V 21 W, speedometer lighting 12 V 1.7 W.
transmission Automatic / Variomatic belt drive, final reduction 13,708
Gear oil Quantity 0.1 l
frame Steel tube / aluminum
Dimensions (L × W × H) 1860 mm × 735 mm × 1025 mm
Wheelbase, seat height, ground clearance 1265 mm, 735 mm, 145 mm
rims front and rear 10 × MT3.00 steel
Tires front 120 / 90-10 57J, rear 130 / 90-10 61J - diagonal tires (tubeless)
Recommended tire pressure front / rear 175 kPa (1.75 kgf / cm²) when cold
Suspension Front 27 mm telescopic fork, 49 mm spring travel,
rear single-arm swing arm with central spring strut, 65 mm spring travel,
caster angle 26 ° 30 ′, caster distance 75 mm
Brakes Front and rear Bowden cable operated drum brakes with a diameter of 95 mm
Dry weight 85 kg
Weight with a full tank 89 kg
maximum weight allowed 201 kg
Payload 112 kg
Permissible axle loads (v / h) 85 kg / 118 kg
Top speed 45 km / h (North America model 65 km / h)
Furnishing Double headlights with low beam and high beam, horn, 2 exterior mirrors, parking brake, illuminated analog speedometer with km counter and PGM-FI indicator LED, control lights for coolant temperature and fuel reserve, handlebar / helmet lock, main stand, luggage hook, foldable seat.
Original retrofits included a luggage rack / topcase , luggage net, backrest, side stand and windshield
Service interval 4000 km
Colors (* not included in D) Fighting red / Black / Shasta white / Camouflage Olive * / Silver metallic * / Matte gray metallic *
Price (as of May 2012) 2350 € (2445 € incl. Transfer) - Recommended retail price of Honda Deutschland GmbH, incl. 19% VAT.


  • HONDA NPS50 Driver's manual (English / German) (c) 2005
  • HONDA NPS50 type AF66 EC-Certificate of conformity (EG certificate of conformity)

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