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Horst Schwarz (born July 12, 1942 in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim ) is a former German wrestler .


Horst Schwarz began wrestling as a teenager at the Untertürkheim weight training club (KVU). He grew up to be a tall and strong wrestler who was at home in both styles. As an active person, he weighed around 110 kg with a height of 1.87 m. In 1959 he was German youth champion (up to the age of 18) in Schorndorf in the weight class over 79 kg body weight. After winning this title in 1960 in Bottrop, he won the German youth championship in free style in the same weight class. In 1963 he was in Oftersheim Roman Greek-also German Junior Champion (up to 21 years) in. Light heavyweight style.

In the following years, Horst Schwarz, who was a mechanical engineer by profession, tried to gain a foothold among the senior German class. Initially in light heavyweight (up to 87 kg body weight), but soon in heavyweight. In his day, however, he had to compete with unusually strong German wrestlers, who made the way up very difficult for him. These were above all Olympic champion Wilfried Dietrich , European champion Roland Bock , bronze medal winner Heinz Kiehl , Gerd Volz and Heinz Eichelbaum . In 1965 and 1966, Horst Schwarz was German runner-up in the senior light heavyweight division in free style, behind Heinz Kiehl in each case.

In 1967, 1968 and 1968 he was then German runner-up in the senior class in Greco-Roman. Heavyweight style behind Wilfried Dietrich , Heinz Eichelbaum and Roland Bock . Horst Schwarz then intensified his training and mainly trained with Heinrich Weber (Ringer, 1923) in Schorndorf . These activities finally brought him in 1970 the German championship title in Greco-Roman. Heavyweight style before Roland Bock, which was followed by the second title win in 1971, again before Roland Bock. In the 1972 Olympic year he finished second behind Roland Bock in the German championship, but in 1973 he won the German heavyweight championship title for the third and last time ahead of Richard Wolff from Bad Reichenhall .

Horst Schwarz made his debut on the international wrestling mat at the European Championships in Karlsruhe in 1966 in free style in the light heavyweight division. He came in a good 4th place there. In 1967 he finished 7th at the World Championships in Bucharest in the heavyweight division, Greco-Roman style, and at the World Cup in 1971 in Sofia , again in Greco-Roman. Style, he came in 8th place.

At many international tournaments from 1968 to 1972 Horst Schwarz performed far better than at the World and European Championships, as the good placements at such tournaments prove. He was able to qualify for the Olympic Games, but a few days before the start, the officials nominated Wilfried Dietrich, the "crane of Schifferstadt", who took part in both styles in both 1968 and 1972 in the Olympic Games and blocked his path.

International success

(WM = world championship, EM = European championship, GR = Greek-Roman style, F = free style, Hs = light heavyweight (up to 1962 up to 87 kg body weight, then up to 97 kg body weight, heavy weight, up to 1962 from 87 kg body weight, from 1963 from 97 kg body weight))

  • 1969, 1st place , Alsia-Cup in Sonderburg / Denmark , GR, S, ahead of Arne Jensen, Denmark a. Ake Svensson, Sweden;
  • 1971, 2nd place , tournament in Klippan / Sweden, GR, S, behind Alexandar Tomow , Bulgaria a . before Victor Dolipschi u. Arne Robertsson;
  • 1971, 8th place , World Championships in Sofia , GR, S, after defeats against Alexandar Tomow a. Petr Kment , CSSR ;
  • 1972, 3rd place, pre-Olympic tournament in Munich , GR, S, behind Alexandar Tomow u. Edward Wajda et al. before Pedro Pawlidis , FRG

International battles

German championships


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