Hui Buh - The castle ghost

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Original title Hui Buh - The castle ghost
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2006
length 98 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Sebastian Niemann
script Sebastian Niemann,
Dirk Ahner
production Christian Becker
music Egon Riedel
camera Gerhard Schirlo
cut Moune Barius

Hui Buh - Das Schlossgespenst is a German film by Sebastian Niemann from 2006. The film is based on motifs from the radio play series Hui Buh by Eberhard Alexander-Burgh . Michael Herbig and Christoph Maria Herbst play the leading roles . The German theatrical release was on July 20, 2006, distributed by Constantin-Film . With over two million viewers, it was the fifth most successful domestic film in German cinemas in 2006 and the twelfth most successful film in Germany of the same year.

The budget of 10 million euros is offset by a box office box-office result of 10.4 million euros. The opening sentence “Some people say there are ghosts. Some people say there are no ghosts. But I say, Hui Buh IS a ghost. ”Is spoken by Hans Paetsch , as in the radio plays .


Knight Balduin is at Burgeck Castle in 1399 and tries to increase his fortune there through gambling. When his opponent Adolar notices that Baldwin is playing wrong , a fight ensues between the knights, in the course of which Baldwin is so gripped by the knight Adolar that he calls out: I should be cursed if I have cheated! Let lightning strike me on the spot! These words come true immediately: Baldwin is suddenly struck by lightning - he becomes the ghost Hui Buh. Knight Adolar staggered back in shock and fell through the window into the moat.

500 years later, Hui Buh is the only officially approved ghost at Burgeck Castle. Together with the castellan , he leads a contemplative life until one day King Julius the 111th moves into the castle to celebrate his engagement with Leonora Countess zu Etepetete.

Hui Buh tries with all means to poke Julius out, but pays for Julius to burn his ghost license, without which he is no longer an “officially approved ghost”. This robs him of his spirit abilities.

When Julius tells the ghost about his financial worries, he learns that there is a treasure on Burgeck that lies in a room that can only be opened from the inside. However, Hui Buh can no longer walk through walls without a ghost license, which makes it impossible for him to recover the treasure.

In order to acquire a new license and not get into the soul soup, which would mean his final death, Hui Buh has to take the spirit exam again. However, he is unable to answer the exam questions. When it turns out that Julius knows the answers, they decide to go to the ghost town together, where the exam will be written. However, they are exposed and have to flee after passing the theoretical test.

Daalor, the representative of the ghost authority, is in truth Adolar, who is on common cause with Countess Leonora. Since he is an ancestor of the countess, both want to take possession of the castle that Baldwin took from them through his cheating. However, they fail to kill King Julius. In the meantime, the ghost authorities have learned of the conspiracy between Adolar and Countess Leonora, so that the guards around Major Servatius Sebaldus arrest Adolar and Leonora, who is now a ghost, in Burgeck Castle. The good-natured major gives Hui Buh his ghost license back. Finally, King Julius and the maid Konstanzia marry .


“'Hui Buh' succeeds in walking the tightrope, as a 'Family Entertainment' film [sic!] That cannot be assigned exclusively to the children's film genre, but still appropriately realizes its subject for children, using visual and film-narrative possibilities to challenge them, arouse their curiosity and to stimulate their imagination and creativity. "

“A film adaptation of a successful radio play series, which gives away a lot of the charm of the original due to an immature script and an all too weak staging and at most impresses with its elaborate special effects. Some too drastic horror scenes should cloud the joy of the smallest fans of the series. "


  • Hans Clarin completed his last film role here as a servant. He died in late August 2005, immediately after filming was finished.

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