Hutberg (Oderwitz)

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The Hutberg

The Hutberg

height 405.3  m above sea level NN
location Free State of Saxony , Germany
Mountains Lusatian highlands
Coordinates 50 ° 56 '58 "  N , 14 ° 45' 13"  E Coordinates: 50 ° 56 '58 "  N , 14 ° 45' 13"  E
Hutberg (Oderwitz) (Saxony)
Hutberg (Oderwitz)
rock Basalt , nepheline basanite

The 405 meter high, elongated Hutberg near Oderwitz lies on the edge of the Oderwitz basin and rises about 100 meters above the valley of the Landwasser . The Neufelden water rises on its northern slope .

With the horse mountain at the same height to the south-east, it forms part of a coherent basalt cover . On the little wooded dome there are vertical columns made of nepheline basanite , originally up to a meter thick , which indicate the volcanic origin of this mountain. Due to weathering, pieces of these columns broke off and formed scree slopes of basalt spheres.

In the past, the Hutberg was used to extract basalt blocks as building material. Today there is a sand pit on its western, lower slope .

Origin of the name

Hutberg is a relatively common mountain name in German. Its etymological origin is probably in Hüteberg , which suggests an economic use as cattle pasture .