I just can not wait it!

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German title I just can not wait it!
Original title Can't Hardly Wait
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1998
length 96 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Harry Elfont ,
Deborah Kaplan
script Harry Elfont,
Deborah Kaplan
production Betty Thomas ,
Jenno Topping
music David Kitay
camera Lloyd Ahern II
cut Michael Jablow

I just can not wait it! (Can not Hardly Wait) is an American comedy film from the year 1998 . Directed by Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan , who also wrote the script.


Students Preston Meyers and Amanda Beckett attend the school's graduation party. Meyers wants to reveal his feelings for Beckett while Beckett recently got disappointed by her boyfriend Mike Dexter. Denise Fleming doesn't want to go to the party at first. She changes her mind when she hears from her friend Meyers what he is up to.

Dexter persuades his friends, just like him, to break up with the respective girlfriend and start studying as a single. A well-known student tells him that such students are numerous and are considered freaks.

At the party, Beckett tries to find out how widely she is known as Dexter's former friend . The boy's other friends comfort her. She receives a letter that Meyers wrote to her. Meanwhile, Dexter tries to win her back. William Lichter tries to get revenge on Dexter for the humiliations he experienced during school. Dexter apologizes to him, which lights accept.

Beckett looks for Meyers and finds him in a train station. In the end, Meyers and Beckett kiss; they become a couple .


James Berardinelli wrote on ReelViews that the film recreated the 1980s teen comedies of John Hughes . It is "painfully predictable" and "flooded" with useless sub-strands of the plot. The characters in these sub-strands are two-dimensional.

The lexicon of international films wrote that the film offered a “heavy and timeless subject, which, however, reproduced the same clichés so lovelessly” that “the film was doomed to fail”. The rest is "streamlined entertainment, the emotional distortions of their characters any reason for a 90-year-old version of the George Lucas classic" American Graffiti "".

Cinema magazine described the film as a "nice romance with rough jokes". He was "banal", but the supporting characters would "cause a lot of screams".


Jennifer Love Hewitt was nominated for the Young Artist Award and the MTV Movie Award in 1999.


The film was shot in Los Angeles , Downey , Altadena and Temple City . Its production amounted to an estimated 10 million US dollars . The film grossed approximately $ 25.3 million in US cinemas.

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