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Joseph Amberger (born March 19, 1816 in Pfahl , † October 19, 1889 in Regensburg ) was a German Catholic theologian and clergyman .


Joseph Amberger was born on March 19, 1816 in the Lower Bavarian Stake, the son of a farmer . In Straubing he attended high school . He then studied philosophy and theology at the University of Regensburg from 1833 to 1838 and was ordained a priest on September 20, 1838 . He then studied at the University of Munich , where he obtained his doctorate in 1840 and taught as an associate professor of canon law from July 25, 1842 . On June 3, 1845, Amberger was appointed Regens of the clerical seminary after Amberger had been sub- rain of the Georgianum since January 3, 1841 , and in the same year he was appointed professor of pastoral theology . In 1852 he became cathedral capitular . At the end of 1855 he resigned from the office of rain for health reasons. Towards the end of the sixth decade in the 19th century, Joseph Amberger fell ill with an eye disease that threatened to lead to blindness, which is why he could no longer read and write. After celebrating his fiftieth jubilee as a priest on September 20, 1888 in the Metten Monastery , he died on October 19, 1889 of complications from cardiac paralysis in Regensburg.


  • The Sacramentals of the Catholic Church (1841; published anonymously)
  • The clergy at the diocesan synod. A Church Painting (1849)
  • Pastoral Theology (three volumes; 1850 to 1857)


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