Cabinet of William Henry Harrison

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William Henry Harrison, ninth President of the United States

William Henry Harrison was elected the first United States Whig Party candidate for President of the United States in 1840 . He had run four years earlier and, as one of four regional Whig candidates, took second place behind Democrat Martin Van Buren . In 1840 he was able to defeat it. When he took office, he was 68 years old, the oldest president at the time, until Ronald Reagan moved into the White House in 1981 at the age of almost 70 .

Harrison was also the first president not to survive his term. He died after just a month of complications from pneumonia that he contracted when he was inaugurated. After the shortest presidency in US history to date, John Tyler became the first Vice President to succeed his deceased predecessor on April 4, 1841 .

The Cabinet

Department / Office Official Period image
President of the United States William Henry Harrison 1841 William Henry Harrison.jpg
Vice President of the United States John Tyler 1841 John Tyler by James Reid Lambdin, 1841.png
United States Secretary of State Daniel Webster 1841 Black Dan (cropped) .jpg
United States Secretary of the Treasury Thomas Ewing 1841 Portrait of Thomas Ewing.jpg
United States Secretary of War John Bell 1841 John Bell.jpg
United States Secretary of the Navy George Edmund Badger 1841 GEBadger-portrait.jpg
United States Attorney General John Jordan Crittenden 1841 John J Crittenden.jpg
United States Postal Secretary Francis Granger 1841 Francis Granger.jpg