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Television series
German title Killjoys
Original title Killjoys
Country of production Canada
original language English
Year (s) 2015-2019
Temple Street Productions, Bell Media, Universal Cable Productions
length 42 minutes
Episodes 50 in 5 seasons ( list )
genre Science fiction , drama
idea Michelle Lovretta
First broadcast June 19, 2015 on Space (Canada) and Syfy (USA)
first broadcast
September 28, 2016 on Syfy

Killjoys is a Canadian science fiction - television series , which premiered at the stations on June 19, 2015 Space and Syfy had. In September 2015, the series was extended by a second season, which like the first consists of ten episodes and was broadcast from July 2016. On September 1, it was announced that the series had been renewed for a third season, which has aired since June 30, 2017. In early September 2017 it was announced that the series had been extended to include a fourth and a final fifth season. The first broadcast of the fifth season took place on July 19, 2019.


The series is about the three interplanetary bounty hunters Dutch, John Jaqobis and D'avin Jaqobis, employed as so-called killjoys or repatriation agents at the recognized organization RAC (Reclamation Apprehension Coalition), who search for criminals, but also missing people or objects in their quadrant while in this there is a multi-planetary class struggle.

The galactic environment

The quad is often not the current quadrant, but the four following objects: the planet Qresh and its three moons Arkyn , Westerley and Leith . The Quad is part of the United Republic that includes multiple star systems , and the United Republic is part of the J Star Cluster , known for short as The J , which includes many more star systems.

The green plasma

A biological threat from the parasitic green plasma has been seeping in from outside the J Star Cluster for a long time (presumably for several centuries) . People infected with green plasma are called hulls . Although the envelopes have great self-healing abilities and physical strength (it is beneficial for parasites if their hosts survive for a long time), they are spiritually controlled by the green plasma (there are similar processes in the terrestrial animal world). The still human-looking envelopes turn the biological threat into a military threat (it is beneficial for parasites if their hosts ensure their further spread). Within the green plasma there exists a hostile intelligence called the Lady . Khlyen, Dutch and Aneela's father, discovered green plasma a long time ago and initially used it as a super fertilizer. The Scarbacks are monks who often self-harm to show that their blood does not contain green plasma (this behavior has been around for so long that most people have forgotten its biological rationale).


main actor

Role name actor Season German
voice actor
Yalena "Dutch" Yardeen and Aneela Kin Rit Hannah John-Kamen 1 - 5 Marieke Oeffinger
John Jaqobis Aaron Ashmore 1 - 5 Dominik Auer
D'avin Jaqobis Luke Macfarlane 1 - 5 Tommy Morgenstern

supporting cast

Role name actor Season German
voice actor
Lucy, the voice of the ship's computer Tamsen McDonough 1 - 5 Dana Friedrich
Alvis Akari Morgan Kelly 1 - 3 Jaron Lowenberg
Great "Pree" Dec Thom Allison 1 - 5 Henning Nöhren
Khlyen Kin Rit Rob Stewart 1 - 5 Bernd Vollbrecht
Illenore Pawter Seyah Simms Sarah Power 1 - 2, 4 Alexandra Wilcke
Delle Seyah Kendry Mayko Nguyen 1 - 5
Fancy Lee Sean Baek 1 - 5 Rainer Fritzsche
Alfred Olyevich Turin Patrick Garrow 1 - 5
Zephyr "Zeph" Vos Kelly McCormack 3 - 5
Pippin "Pip" Foster Atticus Mitchell 3 - 5
Gared Gavin Fox 2 - 5 Thomas Schmuckert
Bellus Haardy Nora McLellan 1 - 2 Kerstin Sanders-Dornseif
Jaqobis "Jaq" Osman Kin Rit Jaeden Noel 4 - 5
the lady Alanna Bale 5 Alice Bauer
Hillary "Hills" Oonan Frank Moore 1 - 2, 4
Gander Ted Atherton 3
Liam Jelco Pascal Langdale 2 - 3
Clara Stephanie Leonidas 2 Michelle Winter
Clara / Oleana "Olli" Tommie-Amber Pirie 3 Josephine Schmidt
Sabine Tori Anderson 2
Banyon Gray Karen LeBlanc 3 - 4
Carl Jameson Kraemer 1 - 2, 5 Roland Wolf
The prison director Rachael Ancheril 5
Joseph Siano Tony Nappo 1, 4
Calvert Anastasia Phillips 5
Big Borna Natasha Bromfield 2 - 3
Kitaan Tara Spencer-Nairn 3
Dr. Hunter Amanda Tapping 1 Christin Marquitan
Louella Simms Kimberly-Sue Murray 2 - 3
Carleen Danka Scepanovic 1

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