Coral Sea Islands

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Coral Sea Islands Territory
Coral Sea Islands
Flag of Australia
Official language English
Form of government Australian outskirts
Head of state , also head of government Elizabeth II
surface 780,000 km²
population 3 to 4 (ward staff)
Internet TLD no own
Japan Nördliche Marianen Palau Mikronesien Osttimor Indonesien Midwayinseln Hawaii Johnston-Atoll Wake Papua-Neuguinea Marshallinseln Nauru Kiribati Französisch-Polynesien Pitcairninseln Tokelau Cookinseln Salomonen Norfolkinsel Neuseeland Vanuatu Tuvalu Wallis und Futuna Tonga Niue Australien Samoa Amerikanisch-Samoa Fidschi Howlandinsel Bakerinsel Palmyra Kingmanriff Jarvisinsel Neukaledonien Japan Antarktika Russland Chile (Osterinsel) Vereinigte Staaten (Alaska) Kanada Mexiko Vereinigte Staaten Nordkorea Südkorea Volksrepublik China Republik China (Taiwan) Vietnam Laos Kambodscha Thailand Philippinen China Singapur Malaysia BruneiAustralia on the globe (Coral Sea Islands Territory special) (small islands magnified) (Polynesia centered) .svg
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The Coral Sea Islands are a group of small, tropical islands and reefs in the Coral Sea , northeast of Australia . They are spread over a sea area of ​​around 780,000 square kilometers and have a land area of ​​3 km². There is no port on any of the islands, there are only anchorages off the coast . With an area of ​​37 hectares, South East Cay in the Magdelaine Cays group is the largest of these islands. The only inhabited island is Willis Island , on it is the manned weather station Willis Islandwith a crew of four people. The islands also have important nesting sites for birds and turtles , but the islands' natural resources are negligible.


The archipelago belongs to Australia as territory and is administered from Canberra by the Australian Department of the Environment , which monitors the activities of visitors. The territory was created in 1969 (previously the islands were considered part of Queensland ) and expanded in 1997 to include the reefs or atolls Middleton and Elizabeth Reef further south , which are often included in the Tasman Sea . Defense is subject to Australia and the Royal Australian Navy periodically controls the islands. The abbreviation for the territory is CR .


Australia operates automatic weather stations on many of the islands and reefs and claims a 200 nautical mile fishing zone.


There is no permanent population on the islands other than the crew of the Willis Island meteorological station and no economic activity.

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Coordinates: 19 ° 5 ′  S , 150 ° 54 ′  E