District of Sonderburg

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Basic data
Prussian Province Schleswig-Holstein
Administrative district Schleswig
County seat Sonderburg
Inventory period 1867-1920
surface 442.28 km² (1910)
Residents 39,909 (1910)
Population density 90 inhabitants / km² (1910)
Communities 70 (1910)
Estates 3 (1910)
Schleswig-Holstein Province
Province of Schleswig-Holstein 1905.png

The district of Sonderburg (Danish Sønderborg landkreds or amt ) was from 1867 to 1920 a district in the Prussian province of Schleswig-Holstein . As part of Northern Schleswig , its area came to Denmark in 1920 .


After the German-Danish War of 1864, Schleswig - and with it the office of Sonderburg  - was occupied by Prussia and Austria and finally annexed by Prussia in 1867.

The district of Sonderburg became “from the city of Sonderburg; the village of Norburg and the offices of Sonderburg and Norburg with the noble estates of Ballegaard and Beuschau enclaved in the former and the county of Reventlow-Sandberg ” .

In 1920 the district was dissolved and the area ceded to Denmark on the basis of the referendum in Schleswig provided for in the Peace Treaty of Versailles .

Population development

year Residents
1890 32,177
1900 32,868
1910 39.909

District administrators


The district was active as a railway infrastructure company and built the routes of the district railway on Als in 1898 . The management was with Lenz & Co GmbH - Altona operations department .

Districts and municipalities

When the administrative districts were formed in 1889, the district consisted of the district town of Sønderborg and the spots Augustenburg and Norburg , as well as 67 rural communities and three manor districts, which were distributed over the 18 administrative districts as follows:

Atzerballig district

Broacker District

District of Düppel

Eken District

Ekensund District

District of Hagenberg

District of Holm

Hörup district

Kekenis District

Ketting District

Lysabbel District

Nottmark District

District of Oxbüll

District Satrup-Nübel

Schwenstrup district

Tandslet District

Ulderup County

Ulkebüll district

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