Krull (film)

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German title Krull
Original title Krull
Country of production UK , USA
original language English
Publishing year 1983
length 117 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Peter Yates
script Stanford Sherman
production Ron Silverman
music James Horner
camera Peter Suschitzky
cut Ray Lovejoy

Krull is a fantasy film by director Peter Yates and film producer Ron Silverman from the year 1983 . The main characters are Ken Marshall as Prince Colwyn and Lysette Anthony as Princess Lyssa.

From today's perspective, the soundtrack by James Horner and appearances by relatively unknown actors such as Liam Neeson or Robbie Coltrane are worth mentioning .


"This was given to me to know ... many worlds were enslaved by the Indescribable Monster and his army, the Slayers ... And this was also given to me to know ... One day the Indescribable Monster will also come into our world ... the world we call Krull ... And his Black Fortress will tower over the mountains, the smoke of burning villages will darken the sky and the cries of the dying will echo through deserted valleys ... But one thing I can not know ... Whether the prophecy will come true that a girl of an ancient name will be crowned queen and will choose a king ... and that they will rule our world together ... and that their son will one day rule the galaxy. "

The world of Krull is occupied by the indescribable monster and his army, the Slayers, who travel through the galaxy in the Black Fortress. Prince Colwyn and Princess Lyssa, heir to the throne of two warring kingdoms, decided to enter into marriage to form an alliance strong enough to defeat the monster.

On the wedding day, however, the Slayers invade the castle of King Eirig, Lyssa's father, destroy it and take the princess to her fortress.

Colwyn, the only survivor of this attack, sets out with the help of the hermit Ynyr to free his bride. Your first destination is the lava caves, in which the legendary five-blade sword is said to be.

This sword is an ancient and mystical weapon that Colwyn retrieves from the lava flow of the cave, high up in the mountain peaks. With the sword, Ynyr and Colwyn go to the Emerald Prophet, since the Black Fortress changes its location to Krull at every dawn and only the blind seer can find out where it will be the following day.

On the way the two meet Ergo the Magnificent, a self-enchanter (“small in stature, big in power, always close to the big goal and with enormous foresight”), the Cyclops Rell and the robber Torquil with his gang, who join Colwyn and Ynyr when they realize that the future king stands before them.

A shapeshifter - a creature of the monster - kills the Prophet and takes his form in order to kill Prince Colwyn as well. Rell, who finds the lifeless body of the seer , comes to the aid of the future king.

With the seer killed, the men are now forced to go a far more dangerous route to find out where the fortress will be the following morning. Ynyr goes into the cave of the "widow in the web", whose ancient name utters allows safe access to the center of the spider web in which she lives. Access is granted to him because he reminded her of their similarities and his everlasting love, and because the widow was once known on the Internet as Lyssa.

In the center of the spider web, he asks Lyssa to tell him the location of the Indescribable Monster, which she is giving away at the cost of her own life. After revealing to his companions that the Black Fortress can be found in the iron desert of the planet the next day, Ynyr also dies.

However, since this desert is a thousand miles away, the men tame Flame Horses, the fastest horses on Krull, to be in the fortress before dawn.

In the fortress Colwyn meets the Indescribable Beast, but cannot kill it with the five-blade sword. Only the fire of love exchanged by Colwyn and Lyssa at the wedding ceremony kills the creature. The companions can escape in time before the Black Fortress is completely destroyed.

"And a girl with an ancient name should be queen, choose a king and together they will rule the world ... And her son will one day rule the galaxy."


  • For the American market, the voice of Lysette Anthony, who embodies Princess Lyssa, was re-enacted by the American Lindsay Crouse, as it was believed that the voice of an unknown American actress would resonate better with the audience than that of an unknown British actress.
  • The film was shot on 23 different sets in Pinewood Studios (west of London ), in which James Bond , Superman , Legende , Aliens , Full Metal Jacket , the Carry-on… film series and Tempting Trap have been filmed.
  • The swamp through which the Companions with the Emerald Prophet wade was created entirely in one of Pinewood Studios . Especially for the scene, an environment was created from 2000 tons of shredded cork - each piece individually painted by hand - that meets the requirements of the actions. For this were z. B. a two and a half meter deep pond and various quicksand holes created. In another studio, the cave was created in which the five-blade sword was to lie, including the walls of liquid lava .
  • The final scenes in the Black Fortress were filmed by three teams in front of eleven different sets and ended in the early summer of 1982.
  • The flame horses are actually Clydesdale horses . The journey of the companions on them was recorded in Abruzzo .
  • The five- bladed sword is a kind of boomerang in the shape of a star with extendable blades .
  • The film was alternatively published under the title The Dungeons of Krull ("The dungeons of Krull") and Krull: Invaders of the Black Fortress ("Krull: Invaders of the Black Fortress").
  • The German premiere took place on October 28, 1983.

Box office income and criticism

The $ 27 million fantasy film was released on July 29, 1983 in American cinemas. On the opening weekend, he grossed $ 5.47 million in the United States. In total, he grossed only 16.9 million US dollars worldwide.

"The film is an entertaining fantasy spectacle that does not come from the retort and still knows how to inspire with hand-made effects."


"Excalibur meets Star Wars - lavishly staged."

"Thanks to the staging qualities, none of the soulless material battles customary in the genre, but largely exciting entertainment."

"Visibly expensive, but dreary: listlessly, thriller ace Peter Yates (" Bullitt ") copes with classics such as" The Magical Land "or" Star Wars ". Tricks and masks are reminiscent of trashy "Hercules" films, only the involuntary joke is missing. "

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