Laurin & Klement A.

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Laurin & Klement
Laurin & Klement Type A, replica in the Autostadt
Laurin & Klement Type A, replica in the Autostadt
Sales designation: 6/7 HP
Production period: 1905-1907
Class :
Body versions : Phaeton
Engines: Otto engine :
1.0 liter (5.1 kW)
Wheelbase : 1905 mm
Empty weight : 550 kg
successor Laurin & Klement B.

The Laurin & Klement A with the designation 6/7 HP was the first automobile from this Bohemian manufacturer of bicycles and motorcycles . It came out in 1905 as a 2-seater voiturette of a modern concept and was classified as a small car in its time.

The vehicle was valued at 6 tax horsepower according to the formula valid at the time in the manufacturing country Austria-Hungary . The right hand drive was called the Phaeton .

The front longitudinally mounted, water-cooled , side-valve two-cylinder - V-engine operates on the four-stroke principle , has a displacement of 1005 cc, and a power of 7 hp (5.2 kW). He accelerated the 500 to 550 kg (depending on the source) heavy vehicle up to 40 km / h (56 km / h according to another source). The drive power is passed on to the rear wheels via the separate three-speed gearbox and a cardan shaft that was modern for this time . The frame of the car consists of riveted steel U-profiles and is cranked at the front . The wheelbase is 1905 mm, the track 1150 mm.

The car has rigid axles, semi-elliptic leaf springs all around and removable wooden spoke wheels (so-called artillery wheels ) measuring 700 × 80.

The foot brake acts on the transmission output shaft, the parking brake acts separately on both rear wheels. Like the gearshift lever, this is located outside to the right of the driver's seat.

At least 44 vehicles were built in the first year of production. The Type A had no immediate successor, but in 1906 a slightly larger Voiturette Type B was added to the side.

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