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Lindenau Werft GmbH
legal form Company with limited liability
founding 1919 in Memel
1945 re-establishment in Kiel
Seat Christianspries 30
24159 Kiel, Germany
management Holger Kahl
Number of employees 40
Branch shipbuilding

The Lindenau Werft GmbH is a German shipyard in Kiel .

Site of the former Lindenau shipyard in Memel, 2014
Aerial view of the Lindenau shipyard in Kiel
Entrance area of ​​the Lindenau shipyard in Kiel
View of the entire shipyard, Kiel
Dock 2 of the Lindenau shipyard, Kiel
Seaconger tanker built by Lindenau in 2005
Hull of the E-Ship 1 , the last construction before the bankruptcy in 2008


Shipbuilders settled on the left bank of the Danė in Memel , not far from the Curonian Spit , in the 19th century. In 1875 the ship's carpenters' cooperative started its activity here and built fishing cutters, boats and other small ships.

The shipyard was founded in 1919 as the Memel shipyard - Lindenau & Cie., Iron and wood shipbuilding, machine factory and foundry by Paul Willy Lindenau (born November 6, 1882 in Wehlau , East Prussia ; † October 5, 1955 ) and was one of the most modern shipyards at the time in the Baltic region. Freight, passenger and salvage ships as well as tugs, ferries and barges were built. The Cattaro with 1424 GRT was built as one of the first large iron cargo steamers . The Helgoland (2000 passengers, 2947 GRT ) with a turbo-electric drive was launched on May 6, 1938 as the largest and last ship built in the shipyard at that time . She was used in the sea ​​service East Prussia of the Hamburg-American Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft in Hamburg .

During the Second World War , the shipyard manufactured minesweepers .

Paul Willy Lindenau also fled from the advancing Soviet troops at the end of 1944. In order not to have to leave the remaining workers behind, he had his largest floating dock, which weighed 2600 tons, sea-proof, took his workers with their families as well as tools and provisions on board and pulled the dock with his shipyard's own tug across the Baltic Sea, first to Gotenhafen and later in the Bay of Kiel .

In 1945, a new ship repair company was established at the Klaipėda shipyard. Some of the old buildings have been restored, the material warehouse, crane rails from 1938 and the boathouse built during the war have been preserved.

Lindenau settled down with his workers near the Kiel Canal and began to rebuild the shipyard at this new location immediately after the end of the war. Initially, machines and machine parts were built, and it wasn't until 1952 that the first new ships were launched . After Paul Willy Lindenau's death, his eldest son Harald Lindenau (* December 5, 1914 - January 10, 2007 ) took over the management of the company.

Shipbuilding program

The first ship built in Kiel- Friedrichsort was the small tanker Bindal , which was delivered in 1953 for a Scandinavian shipping company. Subsequently, until 1968 mainly freighters, some tankers and two tenders were built for the German Navy. In 1968 and 1969 two LPG tankers with a measurement of 1999 GRT each were delivered to a Norwegian shipping company. In addition to freighters, six RoRo ships for Swedish shipowners, several product tankers , small bulkers with around 8,000 GRT and, from 1980, small passenger ships for the Baltic Sea and the Kiel Fjord followed . After a drilling ship for Indian accounts and a supplier, several container ships, two LPG tankers and many product tankers with double hulls followed.

In 2008 the shipyard had a little more than 350 employees and was known for its special tankers (chemicals, crude oil / oil products ) and research vessels . She also carried out repairs. It had two floating docks with a capacity of 25,000  tdw . The smaller of the two floating docks was the one that Harald Lindenau used to escape from Memel towards the end of the war.

After the Sea series tankers, which were regarded by experts as innovative and trend-setting , and which were delivered to German Tanker Shipping GmbH & Co. KG , Lindenau built several tankers from the so-called Seychelles series , which was ordered by Seychelles Petroleum under the direction of Guy Adam .

By 2005, since it was re-established in 1950, more than 225 new buildings had been delivered to clients all over the world.

Rotor ship E-Ship 1

In 2008, a rotor ship , the E-Ship 1 , was built for the company Enercon at the shipyard. This ship is also powered by four Flettner rotors . Due to insolvency proceedings (see below) at the Lindenau shipyard, the finished and partially equipped hull was towed by the client to the Cassens shipyard in Emden , where further expansion took place.

Bankruptcy 2008

On September 22nd, 2008, the Lindenau shipyard filed for insolvency at the Kiel District Court due to considerable liquidity problems , despite full order books . At the beginning of November 2008 the insolvency administrator was able to obtain a bridging loan so that the ongoing new buildings could be continued. At the end of April 2011, the last new building to date, the coastal tanker Ebba 2 , was completed. Follow-up or new orders were not received; According to the company's management, it will be limited to ship repairs until further notice. The hoped-for award for the extensive repair of around one million euros on the sailing training ship Gorch Fock , which was already in the dock for maintenance at Lindenau , went to competitor Elsflether Werft near Bremen on January 5, 2012 . As a result, 40 of the 80 employees had to be laid off.

Takeover by German Naval Yards Holdings

On January 1, 2013, German Naval Yards Holdings took over the Lindenau shipyard in Kiel as the third location in Germany, with which a shipyard association is available for repair and conversion work with short idle times, at which the other locations of the association can be used. To this end, the shipyard facilities were rebuilt. The slipway was closed and the three large cranes removed from it. In January 2019, the shipyard was completely shut down for technical and economic reasons. On June 1, 2019, the shipyard reopened as a service provider for repairs and maintenance.

The floating dock Dock 1 was not included in the takeover of the shipyard, was abandoned and scrapped in 2019 on behalf of the shipping administration.

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