MOL Fehérvár FC

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MOL Fehérvár FC
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Basic data
Surname MOL Fehérvár Football Club
Seat Székesfehérvár , Hungary
founding 1941
Colours Red Blue
president István Garancsi
First soccer team
Head coach Gábor Marton
Venue MOL Aréna Sóstó
Places 14,201
league Nemzeti Bajnokság
2019/20 2nd place
old logo

The MOL Fehérvár FC (coll .: "Vidi") is a Hungarian football club from Székesfehérvár , a medium-sized town 60 km southwest of the capital Budapest . The name is derived from the Hungarian mineral oil company MOL , which has been the main sponsor of the association since 2010 and which has also been named after the association since 2018. The name change was made on July 1, 2018 after the club had been known for decades under the name "Videoton FC", named after the local Hungarian electrical appliance manufacturer Videoton ; this although the group was never a club sponsor. The club colors of the club founded in 1941 are red and blue. The team played their home games in the Sóstói Stadium until 2016 (record attendance: 40,000, against Real Madrid, May 8, 1985). After the demolition, the MOL Aréna Sóstó was built and inaugurated on November 21, 2018. FC Fehérvár won the Hungarian Cup in 2006 and won the championship three times.

In the 1984/85 season, Videoton Székesfehérvár caused a stir internationally. The club played in the final of the UEFA Cup , for which the club had qualified as third in the Hungarian league. On the way there Videoton defeated Dukla Prague (1: 0/0: 0), Paris Saint-Germain (4: 2/1: 0), Partizan Belgrade (0: 2/5: 0), Manchester United (0: 1 / 1: 0) and FK Željezničar Sarajevo (3: 1/1: 2). In the final, Videoton met Real Madrid , which turned out to be a size too big. The Hungarians lost the first leg in their own place 3-0, but surprised in the second leg with an albeit worthless 1-0 victory at the Bernabéu Stadium.

The 2010/11 season, which the club completed as champions, was the 40th season of the club in the first Hungarian league, the Nemzeti Bajnokság I. In the 2012/13 season, the Videoton FC sat in the qualification for the Europa League against the favored clubs ŠK Slovan Bratislava , KAA Gent and Trabzonspor and qualified for participation in the Europa League. There they met in the group stage on KRC Genk , Sporting Lisbon and FC Basel and were eliminated as third in the group.

Greatest successes

Club names

  • 1941: Vadásztölténygyár , Vadásztölténygyári Sport Kör
  • 1942: MOVE , Magyar Országos Véderő Egylet Sport Kör
  • 1944: Székesfehérvár , Székesfehérvári Sport Egyesület
  • 1948: FDSE , Fejér Megyei Dolgozók Sport Egyesülete
  • 1950: Vadásztölténygyár , Vadásztölténygyári Vasas Sport Kör
  • 1952: Székesfehérvár , Székesfehérvári Vasas Sport Kör
  • 1962: Székesfehérvár , Székesfehérvári Vadásztölténygyári Vasas Sport Kör (VT Vasas)
  • 1968: Videoton , Videoton Sport Club
  • 1990: Videoton , Videoton - Waltham Sports Club
  • 1992: Videoton , Videoton - Waltham Futball Club
  • 1993: Parmalat , Parmalat Futball Club
  • 1995: Fehérvár , Fehérvár Parmalat Futball Club
  • 1996: Fehérvár , Fehérvár '96 Futball Club
  • 1996: Videoton Fehérvár , Videoton Futball Club Fehérvár
  • 1997: Videoton , Videoton Futball Club
  • 2005: Fehérvár , Fehérvár Football Club
  • 2009: Videoton , Videoton Futball Club
  • 2018: MOL Vidi , MOL Vidi Futball Club
  • 2019: Fehérvár , MOL Fehérvár Futball Club



  • HungaryHungary Péter Disztl (1977–1987), goalkeeper, 37 caps for Hungary.
  • HungaryHungary SerbiaSerbia Nemanja Nikolics (2010-2015), striker, 16 caps for Hungary.

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