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Marcellus is a male given name derived from Latin , from which several variants arose, both male and female, as well as family names . The female name is Marcella .

Origin and meaning

The exact origin of the name cannot be determined due to the age. According to Plutarch ( Marcellus 1, 1), who refers to Poseidonios , the name means " belonging to Mars " ( Greek  Ἀρήϊον ). According to the same source, it is said that Marcus Claudius Marcellus , son of Marcus, was the first to bear the name. A derivation as a diminutive from Marcus therefore seems possible. In this case, too, there would be a connection to Mars.

In historical times Marcellus served only as a cognomen , especially in the gens of the Claudians . In the post-Latin period, the name was and is used as a first name. The name Marcellus is still rarely given in English and German-speaking countries.

Remembrance day

The following days of remembrance are used in the liturgy  :




Other writing systems

Blessed and saints

Pope Marcellus I (holy)

Well-known namesake

First name

Roman name bearers

family name


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