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Marián Čalfa (born May 7, 1946 in Trebišov , Czechoslovakia ) is a former Czechoslovak politician and communist functionary. After the social upheaval in the wake of the so-called Velvet Revolution in 1989, he was elected Prime Minister of the Marián Čalfa I government on December 10, 1989 , which had the task of preparing the first democratic elections after 1948.

CV, political career

Marián Čalfa was born in Slovakia and studied law at the Charles University in Prague from 1964 to 1970 . From the age of 18 he was a member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, the KSČ . From 1970 to 1972 he worked for the news agency ČTK before he worked for the state chancellery of the Czechoslovak Prime Minister from 1972. From 1988 he was chairman of the legislative council of the Czechoslovak government.

During the Velvet Revolution, he led important negotiations with the representatives of the newly founded opposition groups, the Czech Občanské fórum (OF; Citizens' Forum) and the Slovak Verejnosť proti násiliu (VPN; Public Against Violence), which led to the formation of his first government and the consisted of 10 representatives of the KSČ, 4 representatives of the bloc parties and 7 non-party nominated by the opposition groups.

In January 1990 he resigned from KSČ. After the first free parliamentary elections on 8./9. In June 1990, which won the citizens' forum in the Czech part of the country and the public against violence in Slovakia, President Václav Havel once again entrusted him with the formation of the federation government, which now consisted exclusively of representatives of the previous opposition movements. Later, Čalfa also joined the VPN itself. He remained Prime Minister until the parliamentary elections on 5./6. June 1992, when the VPN no longer made it into parliament.

Marián Čalfa performed the following government functions:

  • April 21, 1988 to October 11, 1988 Minister without Portfolio in the Lubomír Štrougal VI government
  • October 12, 1988 to December 3, 1989 Minister without Portfolio in the Ladislav Adamec government
  • December 3, 1989 to December 10, 1989, the first Deputy Prime Minister in the Ladislav Adamec government
  • December 7, 1989 to December 10, 1989 - Acting Prime Minister after the resignation of Ladislav Adamec; the government is often incorrectly referred to as the "Marián Čalfa I government"
  • December 10, 1989 to June 27, 1990 Prime Minister of the Marián Čalfa I government (resignation announced on June 26, 1990); in the media also called "Vláda národního porozumění" (Government of National Understanding)
  • June 27, 1990 to July 2, 1992 Prime Minister of the Marián Čalfa II government ; Also known in the media as "Vláda národní oběti" (Government of National Sacrifice)

After retiring from politics, he worked as a lawyer in Prague from 1992 to 2011 and partly also as an entrepreneur. However, he remained unofficially an adviser to President Václav Havel. In 1993, Čalfa took on Czech citizenship.



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