Mieß (Drava)

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The must at Dobrije

The must at Dobrije

location Carinthia , Slovenia
River system Danube
Drain over Drau  → Danube  → Black Sea
source at the Maroldalm, municipality of Eisenkappel
46 ° 28 ′ 9 ″  N , 14 ° 41 ′ 13 ″  E
Source height 1358  m above sea level A.
muzzle At Unterdrauburg in the Drau coordinates: 46 ° 35 ′ 11 ″  N , 15 ° 1 ′ 20 ″  E 46 ° 35 ′ 11 ″  N , 15 ° 1 ′ 20 ″  E
Mouth height approx.  340  m. i. J.
Height difference approx. 1018 m
Bottom slope approx. 25 ‰
length 41.5 km
Catchment area 573.2 km²
Communities Mießdorf , Gutenstein , Prävali

The Mieß ( Slovenian : Meža ) is a right tributary of the Drava in Carinthia and Slovenia .

River course

The Mieß rises north of the Uschowa ( Olševa ) near the Maroldalm in the Karawanken in the municipality of Eisenkappel in Carinthia. The valley first strikes from west to east, turns north at Črna / Schwarzenbach and breaks through the Karawanken between Petzen ( Peca ) and Uršlja gora (Ursulaberg) in order to continue its course again almost west-east towards Dravograd ( Unterdrauburg ). The Mieß flows after the place Mežica ( Mießdorf ) past Prevalje ( Prävali ), flows through the town Ravne ( Gutenstein ) and takes the Mislinja ( Missling ) river shortly before the mouth . The Mieß flows into the Drava near Dravograd / Unterdrauburg .


The Mežiška dolina ( Miessal ), through which the Mieß flows, extends south of the Karawanken and Strojna ( Kömmel ) mountainous regions, on whose ridges the Austrian- Slovenian border runs. Before 1919 it was part of the Crown Land of Carinthia of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. In the course of the dissolution of Austria-Hungary, the valley was occupied by troops of the SHS state and assigned to this in the Treaty of Saint-Germain .

In the course of the expansion of the Third Reich during World War II, the Miessal (like Lower Styria ) came under German civil administration from April 1941 until the end of the war . As part of the resettlements carried out by the SS between 1941 and 1943, 3,324 Slovenes were resettled from the Mießen Valley.

From 1945 the Miessal was again part of Yugoslavia and now belongs to Slovenia, which became independent in 1991. The valley belongs to the Slovenian region of Koroška (Carinthia).

The lower Miessal and the confluence of the Mieß with the Drau near Unterdrauburg in the regional survey 1877/78

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