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Mitchell Whitfield (born September 8, 1964 in Brooklyn , New York City , NY ) is an American television and theater actor who is also active as a voice actor for animated films.

life and career

Career start in New York

Born in Brooklyn, New York City, Whitfield began his acting career with a successful graduation from the High School of Performing Arts in Manhattan . He then gained his first stage experience under the famous American playwright Neil Simon and played for two years in plays such as Brighton Beach Memoirs and Biloxi Blues , the second play even being released in 1985 in a film with Matthew Broderick in the leading role. After a brief appearance in The First Turn-On !! in 1983 followed in 1989 another appearance in the US television series Monsters . Whitfield finally had his first noteworthy appearance in 1990, when he took over the role of Curly in the US drama The Affair of Sunny from B. , but did not appear in any leading role. After further appearances in the film Dogfight and in the series Murder Is Her Hobby in 1991 and 1992, respectively, Whitfield received one of the leading roles in the comedy Mein Vetter Winnie in the same year .

More important appearances after "My Vetter Winnie"

1993 followed another lead role in the short film The Big Gig followed by series appearances in Blossom (1 episode; 1993) and Diagnosis: Mord (2 episodes; 1994 and 1995) and a speaking role in the animated series Duckman (1 episode; 1994). Even before he took on a supporting role in the comedy Always Trouble with Sergeant Bilko with Steve Martin in the lead role, he had a short appearance in 1995 on the CBS comedy series Double Rush . That same year, Whitfield was given a lead role in the short-lived sitcom Fast Perfect , in which he appeared in all 20 episodes produced from 1995 to 1996. After his series appearances in Almost Perfect , several engagements in films followed for Whitfield in the following year, but also in other television series. He got roles in the films Critics and Other Freaks , The Fanatics (1997), Kissing Banned (1997) and A Heavenly Matchmaker (1997) and was in series such as Perversions of Science (1 episode; 1997) and in a recurring role in the short-lived series Head Over Heels , in which he was seen in seven episodes in 1997.

Whitfield had other film appearances in Bloody Wedding - The Bride Must Wait (1997), Get The Dog - Crazy About Love (1999), Sealed With a Kiss (1999) and in Flies on Cupid (2000). After appearing in the series Frauenpower , Whitfield ended his engagement in the US hit series Friends , in which he played the recurring role of orthodontist Dr. Barry Farber , held. From 1994 to 2000 he was used in a total of six episodes and played as Dr. Farber at the same time Rachel Greens (played by Jennifer Aniston ) ex-fiancé, who left her standing in front of the altar. Whitfield should have gotten the main role of Ross Geller during the casting and the assignment of the roles . In the end, however, the decision was made for David Schwimmer, who was around two years his junior . In the same year Whitfield had a speaking role in the animated series Captain Buzz Lightyear - Star Command , in which he dubbed the character of the rich and ruthless company boss Norbert Q. Klerm in two episodes .

Return to the theater industry and again switch to dubbing

Another short appearance in the sitcom Dharma & Greg in 2000 was followed by a major role in the US feature film Amy's Orgasm the following year . After an appearance for an episode in the series CSI: On the trail of the perpetrators and leave it, Larry! He largely turned his back on film and television acting and concentrated again primarily on his theater acting career. In 2004 he returned and took on an essential speaking role in the animated film adaptation of the Italian Disney comics Witch , where he dubbed the role of Prince Phobos in 33 of the 52 episodes until 2006 . He was also seen in the television film East of Normal, West of Weird (2005) and had another speaking role in the video game for the hit series 24 (2006) and another speaking role in the US animated film Hellboy - Sword of the Storms (2006). He took on other significant speaking roles in the animated film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from 2007 and in the video game TMNT , which was produced at the same time , where he played the role of Donatello .

The last TV appearances so far

In the same year he had a short appearance in the independent film The Memory Thief and an appearance in an episode of the series Hotel Zack & Cody , in which he mimed the theatrical musical director Mr. Blaine . To date (as of August 2010) this was his last role in the film and television business. In addition, Whitfield's voice has been heard in commercials for well-known brands and companies such as Coca-Cola , Visa , Comcast , McDonald’s , Suzuki , American Express , Burger King and Blockbuster Video , to name just a few, in his more than 25 year career .

He currently (as of 2009) lives with his wife and two children in Woodland Hills , a district of Los Angeles , in the US state of California .


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