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Molotow Club, with Meanie Bar

The Molotow is a music club founded in 1990 in the Hamburg district of St. Pauli . Until December 2013 it was in the Esso store on Spielbudenplatz and was 23 steps below street level. The office is located on Marktstrasse in the Karoviertel . On December 14, 2013, the club, like all other residents and businesses, was evacuated from the dilapidated complex. Before moving to a temporary exile on Holstenstrasse, concerts and events were outsourced to other Hamburg clubs. Since September 2014 the Molotow has had a new location at Nobistor , where it can stay for the time being until the planned return to a new building at the former Spielbudenplatz location.

Managing directors

The owner and operator of the Molotow is Andi Schmidt , who is also a member of the Beatles co-association Punkles . From 1990 he worked as a disc jockey in the Molotow and took over the club in 1994 as a tenant from club founder Andreas Schnoor together with Gesine Judjahn - who later left. Mario Stresow and Fenja Möller are responsible for program planning.


In the Molotow there are regular concerts by bands from different musical directions such as indie , punk , post-rock as well as poetry slams , parties from the rock, pop and electronic sectors and other events. The Molotow is also one of the clubs where the Reeperbahn Festival takes place. The venue was the Molotov's basement room, which offered space for around 300 people. The bands that played at the Molotow - often before their commercial breakthrough - include The White Stripes , Mumford & Sons , Die Toten Hosen , The Hives , Bright Eyes , Wir sind Helden , Mando Diao and The Killers .



The Molotow is one of the most important music clubs in Germany and is also internationally known. The Visions led the Molotov 2005 in his Clubguide top 50. In readerpoll magazine intro that Molotov was in 2008, voted one of the five most popular clubs while a comparable vote of Music Express was ranked third The Molotow is mentioned in the song "Wirsitz so vorm Molotow" by the band Muff Potter , who later also campaigned against the threatened closure. The Molotov has received several awards from the cultural authority for its diverse program.

Endangering continued existence

Avoided closure (2008)

The Molotov 2013
The Molotov at Nobistor (2016)

In June 2008, the club announced the termination of the lease at the end of the year. The reasons given were the ever lower sales with increased costs. Despite the constant number of visitors, the drinks revenue decreased, for which the introduction of the smoking ban on January 1st was blamed, which led to a discussion about the repeal of the smoking ban. As a result of the attempted rescue of the club there was media coverage in the Bild -Zeitung, in der Welt as well as in the Hamburger Morgenpost and the Hamburger Abendblatt . Funds were finally made available through a support group that had launched the website, which enabled the club to continue.

Evacuation, demolition and temporary solution

The Molotow was located in the Esso houses , which got their unofficial name from the Kieztank in the building complex . In the 2000s and 2010s, there were several high-quality building projects in St. Pauli, such as the rebuilding of the area of ​​the former Bavaria-St. Pauli brewery . Influenced by the resulting rise in real estate prices, the owner of the Esso houses planned to have them demolished; at this point he planned to build new condominiums and offices. This was justified with the poor condition of the previous buildings.

A dispute developed over the demolition plans between the owners, an initiative and parts of local politics. Due to the acute risk of collapse, the entire area around the Esso houses was cleared early on the night of December 15, 2013. The demolition that had become compulsory had thus been brought forward. Until the move to a new location, the concerts and events were outsourced to other Hamburg clubs.

In March 2014, the Molotow temporarily moved into the former Möbel Brandes house at Holstenstrasse 5. On September 18, 2014, just in time for the annual Reeperbahn Festival , the club was able to open in the rooms of the former China Lounge at Nobistor . There he has a place to stay for the next few years, before he will probably return to Spielbudenplatz.

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