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Location of Morayshire in Scotland

Morayshire ( Scottish Gaelic Siorrachd Mhoireibh ) is a traditional county in northern Scotland on the Moray Firth . The name Elginshire was also common in the past . The administrative seat was the city of Elgin .

Originally there were two exclaves of Morayshire in the neighboring county of Inverness-shire and Morayshire enclosed an exclave of Inverness-shire. When administrative counties were formed in 1890, these exclaves were exchanged and Morayshire has consisted of a closed area ever since. In 1975 Morayshire went on in the Moray District of the Grampian region . The district is more like the historical Moray landscape, which was larger than the county. The landscape was ruled by the Murray clan , headed by the Pictish Mormaer of Moray as minor kings until the end of the 13th century .

The Grampian region was dissolved in 1996 and Moray was installed as a council area . Morayshire is still one of the Lieutenancy Areas of Scotland today .