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Traditional Ayrshire County

Ayrshire ( Scottish Gaelic Siorrachd Inbhir Àir ) is a traditional county (English Shire ) in south-west Scotland . Today the area of ​​Ayrshires is divided into the administrative districts of East Ayrshire , North Ayrshire (extended by the island of Arran ) and South Ayrshire . The Ayrshire breed of cattle is named after this county .


Ayrshire became part of the Scottish Kingdom in the 11th century . In 1263 the Battle of Largs between Scots took place here under Alexander III. and marauding Vikings under Haakon IV . Ayrshire existed as an administrative county from 1889 to 1975 and then became part of the Strathclyde region . Strathclyde was disbanded in 1996; since then the area of ​​Ayrshire has been divided into three unitary authorities . Ayrshire is still one of the Lieutenancy Areas of Scotland today .


The main parts of Ayrshire lie in a trench, the so-called Midland Valley, south of the mountain ranges of the Highlands and north of the Southern Uplands . It encloses the entire west coast of the Midland Valley to the Firth of Clyde or the Irish Sea and extends in parts to the Southern Uplands. Ayrshire is one of the most fertile areas of Scotland and is heavily influenced by agriculture.


The weather in the west of Scotland is strongly influenced by the Atlantic Gulf Stream and is characterized by moderately warm summers and mild winters.

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