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City of Olpe
Coordinates: 51 ° 4 ′ 33 ″  N , 7 ° 56 ′ 53 ″  E
Height : 383 m
Residents : 771  (Dec. 31, 2019)
Postal code : 57462
Area code : 02722
Aerial view of Oberveischede
Aerial view of Oberveischede

Oberveischede is a district of the district town of Olpe , administrative district of Arnsberg in North Rhine-Westphalia .

Geography and location description

Oberveischede is located in the Sauerland , on the southern edge of the Ebbegebirge nature park and not far from the Listertalsperre and Biggesee reservoirs . The place is embedded in an extensive water and wooded low mountain range (altitude from 375 to 480 m above sea level), which is also known as "Südsauerländer Rothaarvorhöhen". The Veischedebach, which gave the village its name, flows into the Lenne in Lennestadt-Grevenbrück .

A conclusive interpretation of the river names Veischede or Veischedebach is not yet possible, see the explanations under Kirchveischede # Ortsentwicklung . The "Ober-" preceding the place name indicates the location upstream above Kirchveischede.

Oberveischede forms the eastern part of the city of Olpe and borders directly on the urban areas of Attendorn and Lennestadt. Since the municipal reorganization, which came into force on July 1, 1969, Oberveischede has belonged to the city of Olpe. Previously the place belonged to the Attendorn office. Together with the neighboring settlements of Apollmicke , Fahlenscheid , Neuenwald and Tecklinghausen , 858 inhabitants (as of June 30, 2016) live in Oberveischede on an area of ​​approx. 720 hectares, of which approx. 45 hectares comprise the actual residential area.


In 1354 the place was first mentioned as Overen Veysche .

Population development

year Residents
1536 70-80 *
1565 110-125 *
2019 771

*) Values ​​estimated based on house numbers


Center with club tree
Church of St. Lucia, on the left you can see the dome of the Marienkapelle on the Renneberg
St. Lucia interior

St. Lucia Catholic Church

The vast majority of the Oberveischeder profess the Catholic faith. The parish belongs to the pastoral association Olpe-Biggesee; it still maintains a cemetery and the Marienkapelle on the Rennenberg (see also the following section).

Until the end of the 19th century, the Oberveischeder went to the church in Helden . The planned Sunday service in the chapel in Oberveische could only be fully started in 1905 with the employment of a separate vicar. The chapel was enlarged in 1910.

After the Second World War - largely influenced by structural damage - a new church was necessary; the inauguration took place on May 1, 1950. Saint Lucia of Syracuse is the patroness of the new church . The architectural style is a hall church . The simple furnishings include a late-Gothic Pietà from around 1480, which was probably created for the chapel building originally attested here.

Chapel of Our Lady of the Renneberg

In October 1944 the pastor from Oberveischede, parish vicar Gerhard Reker, vowed to build a new Marian shrine in Oberveischede on behalf of the entire parish as a token of thanks for the special protection given to the Mother of God. One year later, on October 11, 1945, the feast of Mary's motherhood, the foundation stone for the Chapel of Our Lady of the Renneberg was inserted into the masonry.

The artistic design of the baroque style chapel was in the hands of the Munich painter Hans von Linprun (1907–1978). The ceiling painting shows different stages in the life of Mary in eight pictures:

  • The angel Gabriel proclaims the good news to Mary that she will have a son.
  • Maria visits Elisabeth.
  • The birth of Jesus.
  • The Flight into Egypt.
  • Mary and Joseph find Jesus in the temple with the scribes.
  • Jesus said goodbye to his mother Mary.
  • Jesus is taken from the cross.
  • Mary ascends to heaven.

The altar, which dates from around 1670/80, was procured by the community from the neighboring village of Dünschede . On October 15, 1947, the chapel was inaugurated by the incumbent parish vicar Franz Fickermann. In the parish chronicle you can read about this: “The main event in 1947 was the inauguration of the Marienkapelle on the Renneberge on October 15, 1947. The benediction was performed by Dechant Köster from Attendorn. Not only the town of Oberveischede, but also the whole area took part in this event. Numerous clergy from the area attended the celebration. At half past ten a.m. (on Wednesday) a Levite ministry was celebrated in the new chapel with the dean's sermon. A sacramental procession to the Marienkapelle took place after 3 o'clock in the afternoon. A service of Our Lady was held with a sermon from a priest from Easter soap. After the devotion, the Holy of Holies was left open for worship until dusk. In the evening the Holy of Holies was brought back to the church in a solemn procession, with the children carrying torches. "

Every year in October, the villagers commemorate the inauguration of their shrine and the vows associated with it with a procession of lights to the Marienkapelle on the Rennenberg.



The federal road 55 connects Oberveischede with the cities of Olpe, Lennestadt and the Hochsauerland. The state road 880 leads to the city of Attendorn and the Repetal. With the A 45 (Sauerland line) and A 4 (Cologne-Olpe) motorways, which are only a few kilometers away , the place has good connections to the greater Ruhr area and to the metropolises in the Rhine- Main area .

The next train stations are in the neighboring town of Lennestadt -Altenhundem and in the town of Attendorn . The Cologne-Bonn and Dortmund airports can be reached after approx. 70 kilometers on the autobahn, the Frankfurt / Main and Münster-Osnabrück airports are around 160 km away via the A 45. Local public transport regularly connects Oberveischede with the cities of Olpe, Attendorn and Lennestadt. Oberveischede is well networked with the region's cycle paths (Bike Arena Sauerland) and connected to the NRW cycle network.

Childcare and educational institutions

The kindergarten "Die kleine Rolche" is run in the former school building in Oberveischede, sponsored by a parents' association. The primary schools in Rhode and Olpe are reached by school buses. All secondary schools are available in Olpe, Attendorn and Lennestadt, as well as the vocational college of the Olpe district in Olpe with its branches in Attendorn and Lennestadt. The closest university is the University of Siegen .


Medium-sized, nationally active industrial companies are based in Oberveischede, as are businesses in the craft, trade and service sectors.

Oberveischede village community

Twelve associations, organizations and groups are active in Oberveischede, which have come together under the name of Dorfgemeinschaft Oberveischede eV . The village marketing of the place includes, among other things, the internet presence, which is updated daily as a modern communication tool like a village newspaper by numerous hobby editors.

The following clubs, organizations and groups shape club life:

  • Rifle club St. Michael Oberveischede
  • Spielvereinigung Blau-Weiß Oberveischede
  • Men's choir Liederkranz 1892 Oberveischede
  • Parents Association Kindergarten The little rascals
  • kfd Oberveischede
  • WE FOR US in Oberveischede
  • Water procurement association Oberveischede
  • Oberveischede hunting association
  • Löschgruppe Oberveischede ( Volunteer Fire Brigade Olpe)
  • Forstbetriebsgemeinschaft Oberveischede
  • Home friends
  • Carnival Club

Participation in the competition Our village has a future

In 2012 Oberveischede won a gold medal at the state level in the competition Our village has won the future and thus qualified for the 2013 national competition. The village was awarded the silver medal in the 2013 national competition.

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