One of these days (2020)

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Original title One of these days
Country of production Germany
original language English
Publishing year 2020
length 120 minutes
Director Bastian Günther
script Bastian Günther
production Martin Heisler ,
Peter Veverka
music The Notwist
camera Michael Kotschi
cut Anne Fabini

One of these Days (working title Avalanche ) is a film drama by Bastian Günther that premiered on February 22, 2020 at the Berlin Film Festival .


The film is based on true events and tells the tragedy of a curious competition: a Texan car dealer donates a brand-new pick-up every year , which is won by whoever has touched the car with his hand the longest without a break. The participants will be drawn beforehand. There are regular breaks to go to the toilet and short breaks, but not to sleep. Joan, an employee of the car dealership, looks after the candidates. After Kyle, who wanted to have the car for himself and his young family, has to give up, he breaks into a supermarket , steals a gun and shoots himself .


Directed by Bastian Günther , who also wrote the script.

The film was made in co-production with Hessischer Rundfunk , Saarländischer Rundfunk and Arte .

Filming took place in the US state of Louisiana and ended in early November 2018. Michael Kotschi acted as cameraman .

The film celebrated its world premiere on February 22, 2020 in the Panorama section of the Berlin Film Festival . In March 2020 the film should be shown at the South by Southwest Film Festival . A few days before the start of the festival, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was postponed to an unknown time, including the presentation of the film.

Weltkino Filmverleih will bring the film to German cinemas in 2020.


In her review for Tagesspiegel, Christiane Peitz describes the film as a highlight of the Panorama program: “America as a provincial show, as a microcosm. Maybe not just America, but the western capitalist world in general. We have fun to death, and most of them have a hard time making ends meet. 'A film about us, about how we live, about schadenfreude and voyeurism, poverty and dreams, humanity and capital,' says 45-year-old director Bastian Günther, who commutes between Berlin and Austin in Texas. Günther gives the humiliated and those who have lost their prosperity back their dignity by bringing out the human tragedy behind the initially so harmless and at best weird-looking scenery. "


Berlin International Film Festival 2020

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