The Notwist

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The Notwist
The Notwist, 2004
The Notwist, 2004
General information
origin Weilheim in Upper Bavaria , Germany
Genre (s) Independent , indietronic , ambient , noise rock , punk
founding 1989
Founding members
Markus Acher
Micha Acher
Martin "Mecki" Messerschmidt (until 2007)
Current occupation
Markus Acher
Micha Acher
Andreas "Andi" Haberl (since 2007)
former members
Martin Gretschmann (1997-2014)
Live members
Max points (since 2002)
Karl Ivar Refseth (since 2010)
Christoph "Cico" Beck (since 2014)

The Notwist is a German Independent - band consisting of Weilheim in Oberbayern comes. It is the trigger for the founding of many Weilheim bands and the center of a network of more or less closely linked projects by local musicians.

The members of The Notwist are often represented in other projects or publish solo, among others with / with Tied & Tickled Trio , Lali Puna , Ms. John Soda , Potawatomi, Ogonjok , 13 & God , Bolzplatz Heroes , Schweisser and Café Unterzucker . Many of these bands were represented on the now closed music label Hausmusik , which is often mentioned in connection with the band, even if they only published individual sampler contributions (including a co-production with Calexico ) on this label.

As in the beginning, when The Notwist acted as a regionally known school band, the group still records in the uphon studio in Wilzhofen near Weilheim.


After the band was founded in 1989, the self-titled debut album was released in 1990. Musically, it contained a mixture of punk , rock and metal . In the same year they went on tour with Jesus Lizard and Bad Religion . In 1992 the follow-up album Nook was released on the Big Store label , which Carsten la Tendresse from the music magazine Visions gave it a 6 out of 5 (sic!) Review. At about the same time, the CD Johnny and Mary was also released on Big Store , on which the song of the same name by Robert Palmer was covered by the bands The Slumlords, Trash can Trasher and Wurzel aus C in addition to Notwist . This CD was released on the Landsberg music label Raffmond .

After a tour with Therapy? and Blumfeld as well as the production of various soundtracks , and the release of a live album by Tobby Holzinger on Your Choice Records (1994), album 12 came out in 1995 , on which electronic instruments and computer sound snippets were used for the first time Martin Gretschmann , alias Console (formerly Toxic ). The first 5,000 copies of the CD came with the bonus CD Loup , on which a remix version of the song Torture Day with the singing of Cindy Dall ( Smog ) was recorded. Big Store started to leap across the Atlantic and with the help of this album gave its artists their international breakthrough. Zero Hour / MCA licensed 12 for North America . Further licensing all over the world followed.

In 1997 Martin Gretschmann was officially accepted as a permanent member of Notwist. In 1998, Big Store again released the album Shrink , which has strayed a long way from the band's original style and now primarily contained jazz and electronic elements. Nevertheless, the record had a high recognition value, the band had retained distinctive elements of their music despite the change in style. The subsequent tour took Notwist to England with Stereolab and another time to the USA with the Japanese music artist Cornelius .

After the production of soundtracks for Absolute Giganten and Crazy , it was licensed for the first time in 2002 and the album Neon Golden was released by Big Store via the Berlin label City Slang . The band had withdrawn for four years to produce their new studio album. More than on the previous albums came on Neon Golden primarily by Martin Gretsch man forced to wear electronic elements, the oriented guitar along with the sound of the band and symphonic accompaniment generated its own sound cosmos. The band gave the greatest success: it reached number 10 in the German album charts and was awarded the annual prize of the German Record Critics 2002. The documentary On / Off The Record of Jörg Adolph about the making of Neon Golden was in 2002 3sat broadcast and on 3 Released on DVD November 2006.

In the summer of 2003, the band founded their own music label called Alien Transistor , on which they released the EP Lights , which is a soundtrack to the film of the same name by Hans-Christian Schmid . On September 6, 2004 the EP Solo Swim was released , a joint work by Notwist, Console and Klimek . At the same time it is the soundtrack to the documentary canal swimmer by Jörg Adolph . These two EPs were released in vinyl form and as MP3 downloads - as was Rayon's last EP (Markus Acher), which was released in spring 2006. The Kanalschwimmer DVD , released in 2008, comes with Solo Swim on CD.

In March 2005 the album 13 & God was released , for which the band formed the group 13 & God together with Themselves from the record label Anticon .

In early 2006, the band went into the studio to record The Devil, You + Me , the follow-up album to Neon Golden . It was released on May 2, 2008. During the recording, founding member and drummer Martin Messerschmidt left the band. Andi Haberl stepped in for the recordings and accompanied the band on the subsequent tour.

In 2009, Sturm was released as the soundtrack for the film of the same name by Hans-Christian Schmid. The band won the German Film Prize for the soundtrack .

The soundtrack for the feature film What remains by Hans-Christian Schmid was also provided by the band.

On February 21, 2014, another studio album entitled Close to the Glass was released, which appeared on the City Slang and Sub Pop labels, among others .

Martin Gretschmann left the band at the turn of the year 2014/2015 and was no longer part of the subsequent tour.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  DE 49 06/01/1998 (2 weeks)
Neon golden
  DE 10 01/28/2002 (11 weeks)
  AT 28 01/27/2002 (6 weeks)
The Devil, You + Me
  DE 10 05/19/2008 (8 weeks)
  AT 45 05/16/2008 (3 weeks)
  CH 44 May 18, 2008 (2 weeks)
Close to the glass
  DE 6th 07.03.2014 (4 weeks)
  AT 19th 07.03.2014 (1 week)
  CH 19th 02.03.2014 (2 weeks)
Superheroes, Ghostvillains + Stuff
  DE 57 10/21/2016 (1 week)



  • 1993: Johnny and Mary
  • 2003: lights
  • 2004: Solo Swim
  • 2020: Ship


  • 1997: Chemicals
  • 1997: Day 7
  • 2001: Trashing Days
  • 2002: pilot
  • 2002: Pick Up the Phone
  • 2004: Different Cars and Trains
  • 2008: Where in This World
  • 2008: Boneless [+ remix by Panda Bear]
  • 2009: Come In [+ Boneless Remix by Grizzly Bear]
  • 2012: Blank Air


with Themselves

  • 2005: 13 & God
  • 2011: Own Your Ghost

with Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

  • 2012: Music No Music

Video albums

  • 2006: On / Off the Record
  • 2012: Music No Music

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