Absolute giants

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Original title Absolute giants
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1999
length 76 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Sebastian Schipper
script Sebastian Schipper
production Stefan Arndt
Vera Kriegeskotte
Tom Tykwer
Andreas Schreitmüller
music Uwe Kirbach
camera Frank Griebe
cut Andrew Bird

Absolute Giganten is a German feature film produced in 1998 by Sebastian Schipper with Antoine Monot, Jr. , Frank Giering and Florian Lukas in the leading roles. The film is a production of X-Films Creative Pool .


The three Hamburg boys Floyd, Ricco and Walter are close friends. Walter is a painter in an adventurous backyard workshop, Ricco thinks he's a great rapper and works in a fast food shop . A new chapter in life begins for Floyd, the third member of the league: after serving a suspended sentence, he can join a container ship . Probably out of fear of the reaction of his friends, he only informs them of his decision the day before.

Although his friends are initially very upset about Floyd's decision, they decide to spend the evening together. After going to a bar, Floyd asks Walter to be allowed to drive his car, a souped-up Ford Granada Coupé. Ricco discovers a stunt show and insists on the "two-wheel ramp" (a ramp that you drive up with the two wheels on one side of the car and then continue balancing on the two other wheels of the now inclined car ) to try. He succeeds in the stunt, but he destroys a neon advertisement for the show. A chase then begins between the stunt show members and the three boys.

Walter can use a trick to outrun the pursuers. The boys visit a club where Floyd orders a bottle of vodka. Then they drive to a fast food restaurant. There they are caught by the stunt show people, Floyd knocked down and Walter's car smashed. As they sit in the broken car, frustrated, Telsa - a girl from Floyd's house - comes by and suggests they go to another club together. In this they meet Dulle, who challenges them to a table football duel.

Floyd and Ricco compete against Dulle and his teammate Snake and lose all of their money on the first game. Walter steps forward and sets his car against winning the preliminary round on the condition that the game is played according to their rules: the three can take turns and a goalie score counts twice. Together they manage to win the match. They leave the bar in euphoria until they realize that Telsa is missing. She stayed on the dance floor with the bottle of vodka and is now very drunk. After being carried into the car, she asks half-awake if she can drive the Granada.

In a parking garage, she is allowed to drive slowly in circles, passes out and drives the car against a wall. The boys take her to a hospital, where a doctor tells them that Telsa has been poisoned by alcohol and that the brain was temporarily not supplied with oxygen due to a respiratory failure . Walter approaches Floyd without a word and provocatively, expressing an allegation against him that Floyd had given Telsa the vodka. After an argument between all three of them, Telsa shows up and asks for an ice cream. With ice cream from a machine, they drive to the harbor together to watch the sunrise. Telsa, Ricco and Walter fall asleep while Floyd takes his travel bag and looks at his friends.

In the last seconds of parting, Floyd throws a somewhat hesitant look back at his sleeping friends, and the soundtrack implements a quote from him that he had uttered during the course of the film: “At the point where it is most beautiful, there should be jump the record, and you only ever hear this one moment ... ”. Accordingly, the music also jumps a few times. The music continues and the film ends.


“First film, which lacks dramaturgical rigor, which is mainly reflected in the unsatisfactory character drawing; Nevertheless, in his most successful moments - especially in image design and actor management - he demonstrates impressive cinematic talent. "

“A little film from Germany that tells a little story about having to leave and staying, about normal things and longing…. More precisely: a film that is about how to rebel against the fact that life is small, long and crappy. "

“'Absolute giants', that is good news in itself, but does not rely on the loss earnings of the newer German depression cinema of night walkers and goers. Whether Floyd, Ricco and Walter are really losers or not win the main prize in the life lottery is by no means clear. "


  • The film has cult status in the kicker scene because the kicker game was filmed in an elaborate way. In the second game, the camera perspective changes to the playing field and the ball is "followed" under the bars.
  • During the shooting, Florian Lukas injured himself while cheering after winning the foosball game. In the film you can see how he bends his foot and then hobbles.
  • Antoine Monot, Jr. only got his driver's license a few days before filming began and was correspondingly afraid of driving scenes.
  • The soundtrack for the film has been released on CD and contains the first track “Who would have thought that” by Falk (rapper at Doppelkopf ), Das Bo and Ferris MC . The subtitle is called "The Night of Nights". The song was released as a single and reached number 83 in the German charts. The song does not appear in the film itself, but the accompanying music video contains many original scenes from the film and thus represented a type of advertising through the distribution in the rotations of the music channels.
  • Parts of the soundtrack, including “if only” and “infinite circle”, including the long instrumental sequence in the drive to the port towards the end of the film “reprise crescendo”, are from Sophia (band) .
  • A well-known quote from the film is: “Do you know what I think sometimes? There should always be music. With everything you do. And if it really sucks, at least the music is still there. And at the point where it is most beautiful, the record should jump and you only ever hear this one moment. ”The song“ Musik sein ”by Wincent Weiss , published in 2016, takes up this quote from the film. So it says in the chorus: “Hey, there should be music everywhere you are. Because when it's most beautiful, play it over and over again. ” This quote is also taken up in“ There should always be music ”by ZSK .
  • The above quote can also be found as a sample in two tracks by Neelix, among others in "wherever you are" and in "The twenty five" - ​​Nature One Anthem


  • 2000: Bavarian Film Prize for Florian Lukas (Best Young Actor)
  • 2000: Honorable mention at the German Camera Prize for Andrew Bird (Best Editing)
  • 2000: New Faces Award for Florian Lukas (Best Young Actor)
  • 2000: Silver film award at the presentation of the German Film Prize (best full-length feature film)
  • 2000: Actor Award of the Russian Sochi International Film Festival for Frank Giering, Florian Lukas and Antoine Monot Jr.

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