Parry Islands

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Parry Islands
Waters Arctic Ocean
archipelago Queen Elizabeth Islands
Geographical location 75 ° 45 ′  N , 101 ° 45 ′  W Coordinates: 75 ° 45 ′  N , 101 ° 45 ′  W
Parry Islands (Nunavut)
Parry Islands
Main island Melville Island
Residents 230 (2006)

The Parry Islands ( English Parry Islands ) are a subgroup of the Queen Elizabeth Islands and are located in the Canadian Arctic archipelago .

Until 1953 the entire archipelago north of the Parry Channel was called "Parry Islands" after the British polar explorer William Edward Parry . Then it was renamed in honor of Queen Elizabeth II . Since then, the term “Parry Islands” has been used to describe the southwestern part of the Queen Elizabeth Islands.

The Prince Gustav Adolf Sea , Maclean Strait , Penny Strait and Wellington Channel delimit the Parry Islands to the north from the Sverdrup Islands and to the east to Devon Island .

The largest of the Parry Islands are Melville Island , Bathurst Island, and Cornwallis Island .

The only settlement in the archipelago is Resolute Bay on Cornwallis Island.

The far west of the archipelago is part of the Northwest Territories , while the remainder is in the Nunavut Territory .

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