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Paul Oehlkers (full name Paul Friedrich Gustav Karl Oehlkers and also Öhlkers ; * July 11, 1862 in Hanover ; † December 30, 1922 there ) was a German Protestant theologian , pastor and seafarer pastor and head of the St. Stephen's Foundation .


Boulder as a tombstone for Pastor Julie Oehlkers , née Seiler (* December 1, 1862 - November 26, 1913), and Pastor and Monastery Chairman Paul Oehlkers in the cemetery of the Stephansstift in Kleefeld

After attending school and studying, Oehlkers took a job as a private tutor in Bauske in what was then Kurland .

From 1888 to 1891 he worked as a pastor in the small town of Sievershausen near Einbeck . His son Friedrich Oehlkers , who later became a botanist, was born in Sievershausen im Solling on May 6, 1890 .

From April 1891 he worked for a few years as a seaman's pastor, initially in the English port city of Cardiff in Wales , then in Bremerhaven : From April 1, 1895, Oehlkers stayed "in Wesermünde - Lehe ", where he founded the seaman's mission on the Lower Weser .

On October 17, 1897, Oehlkers took over in Hanover, succeeding Ludolf Wilhelm Fricke , as head of the Stephansstift there, which he headed until his death. Under his leadership, the facility expanded in many ways. The number of deacons trained there also increased rapidly. Under Oehlkers, the monastery also took on important youth welfare tasks from 1901 .

From 1901, Oehlkers was also assisted by Pastor Wilhelm Backhausen , who was in charge of the educational work “[...] and enriched it for all of Germany with new, essential knowledge”. Under the leadership of the two clergymen, the monastery was expanded to include a home for apprentices, the brothers 'house, the boys' yard, a school at the home and the educational institution on Kronsberg .

From September 1913 to 1922, Oehlkers was the first chairman of the German Deacon Association founded at the Congress of the Inner Mission .

In addition to his office, he participated in numerous church and popular missionary projects.

After the First World War and at the height of the German inflation , Pastor Johannes Wolff succeeded Oehlker as head of the Stephansstift.


Writings and lectures

  • How is someone who wants to be a brother. Stephansstift, Hanover [approx. 1908]
  • How a Blue Cross became and what he experienced. Stephansstift, Hanover [approx. 1908]
  • Our infirmary. Stephansstift, Hanover [approx. 1910]
  • Sermon, held in the evening service for the 50th anniversary of the Kreuzkirche in Bremerhaven (= The Pilger to Heimath , issue 30) (1912), pp. 97–99
  • The hospital ship (= pictures and story from the German seaman's mission , volume 2), 5. – 8. Edition, Deutsche Seemannsmission, Hamburg [1921]
  • The Church's mission to her people. Lecture on August 4, 1921 at the meeting of the General Evangelical Lutheran Conference in Greiz (= booklets of the General Evangelical Lutheran Conference , No. 12), Dörffling & Franke, Leipzig 1922
    • electronic reproduction: German National Library, Leipzig; Frankfurt am Main 2016
  • Paul Oehlkers. Speeches and essays. Edited from his estate and dedicated to his friends , 166 pages, Stephansstift, Hanover 1925


  • Paul Oehlkers / E. Röbbelen (= Fathers of the Seemannsmission , Issue 2) (= Pictures and Stories from the German Seemannsmission , Issue 11/12), Altona [Adolfstr. 145]: Seemannspastor W. Thun, 1927
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