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Riley Thomas Stewart (born September 2002 ) is an American actor . His sister Kaylin , who is five years older than him, is also an actress; the great-great-grandmother of the two is Adela Rogers St. Johns a journalist, writer and Oscar-nominated screenwriter.


Born in September 2002, Riley Thomas Stewart had his first noteworthy film and television in the 2008 movie Don't mess with the mess , where he only had a very small brief appearance. In the same year he came into the cast of 90210 , where he played the character Sammy McKay in a total of six episodes until 2009 , but incorrectly appeared in the credits as Riley Thomas Stuart in the first three episodes . For this role he was nominated in 2010 for a Young Artist Award in the category "Best Recurring Actor in a TV Series - 13 Years or Younger" , but could not prevail in this category against Colin Ford , who received the award for his appearances in Supernatural received. After further engagements in one episode each of Criminal Minds (2009) and Dr. House (2010) he took on the role of young Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother in three episodes from 2010 . For this role he was nominated again at the 2011 Young Artist Awards ; this time in the category “Best Guest Actor in a TV Series - Ten Years or Younger” , although again he did not come out as an award winner.

Stewart finally had his first major role in The Beaver in 2011 when he played the youngest son of Walter and Meredith Black (played by Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster ). For this role he was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 2012. In the category “Best Actor in a Feature Film - Ten Years or Younger” he was able to prevail this time and win the award. He also had a major role in 2011 comedy A Christmas Wedding Tail ; for this engagement he was also nominated for a YAA, here in the category "Best Supporting Actor in a TV Movie, Miniseries or Special" . He was also seen in an episode of the twelfth season of CSI: Vegas in 2011 . In addition to an appearance on Navy CIS , Stewart also had another major supporting role in a movie in 2012. In The Lucky One he can be seen alongside Zac Efron , Taylor Schilling , Blythe Danner and Jay R. Ferguson in the role of Ben . For this role he was nominated again for a YAA in 2013. In the “Best Actor in a Feature Film - Ten Years or Younger” category he was again unable to prevail against the competition, although only two other young actors were represented in the category. CJ Adams won the award for his work on The Miraculous Life of Timothy Green . In 2013, the child actor followed Ryan Phillippe , Anna Paquin and Luke Wilson in a supporting role in the romantic comedy Straight A’s , as well as his first dubbing role in an episode of American Dad , where he voiced a boy in the 19th episode of the eighth season.

In addition to his appearances in film and television, Riley Thomas Stewart has also worked as a model in advertising since his early childhood, primarily as a performer in commercials. In 2010, he played in various commercials for the Toyota Highlander or was seen as an actor in advertising films for Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, The Home Depot , Leapfrog Clickstart and Walmart .


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