Rodenberger Aue

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Rodenberger Aue
Rodenberger Aue in Rodenberg

Rodenberger Aue in Rodenberg

Water code DE : 48884
location In the Schaumburg and Hameln-Pyrmont districts and the Hanover region
River system Weser
Drain over Westaue  → Leine  → Aller  → Weser  → North Sea
source Near Kessiehausen am Süntel
Source height approx.  190  m above sea level NN
muzzle At Auhagen in the Westaue coordinates: 52 ° 24 '22 "  N , 9 ° 19' 22"  E 52 ° 24 '22 "  N , 9 ° 19' 22"  E
Mouth height 49  m above sea level NN
Height difference approx. 140 m
Bottom slope approx. 5 ‰
length 28 km
Catchment area 170 km²
Left tributaries Pohler Bach, Riesbach, Salzbach
Right tributaries Eimbeckhäuser Bach

The Rodenberger Aue is the 28 km long right tributary of the Westaue in Lower Saxony , in the districts of Hameln-Pyrmont , Schaumburg and the Hanover region , the border of which it forms in the lower reaches. It flows through the Deister-Süntel valley and the bordering landscape of the Bückeberg foreland below Rodenberg .


The Rodenberger Aue rises as a meadow near Kessiehausen, above Bakede am Süntel , approx. 190  m above sea level. NN . It drains the eastern Süntel, the western Deister and the northeastern part of the Bückeberg , a total of 170 square kilometers. In its course it absorbs the water of numerous low mountain streams, is dammed by weirs in Rodenberg , Horsten and Rehren , crosses the BAB 2 behind Lauenau , the B 65 near Bad Nenndorf , the Hanover – Minden railway line and the Mittelland Canal before Auhagen .

Between the Mittelland Canal and its mouth, the Rodenberger Aue has been extensively renatured since 1990 , as it is part of the Lower Saxony river protection system as one of the representatives of a typical Bördebach. Characteristic here are steep bank breaks, which can result in a breeding habitat for the kingfisher .

At Sachsenhagen -Auhagen it joins the Sachsenhäger Aue to form the Westaue , which soon afterwards flows into the Leine at Wunstorf -Liethe . The floodplain, which is rarely more than 2 meters wide, flows through the Deister-Süntel valley from southeast to northwest and thus follows one of the pre-glacial courses of the Weser , which today bends west in front of this valley.

In earlier times the floodplain was used to operate a few mills. Today it is occasionally used to train canoeists .

Bigger places on the river


The floodplain takes in numerous low mountain streams from Deister, Süntel and Bückeberg:

Individual evidence

  1. Information board for the Rodenberger Aue on the north bank of the Mittelland Canal