Red Brazil

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Red Brazil
Synonyms Large or red Brazilian apple, Brunsilienappel (Low German ), Mecklenburgischer Königsapfel ( Neustrelitz area )
The Mecklenburg Royal Apple (Red Brazil Apple) in a description from 1867

The Mecklenburg Royal Apple (Red Brazil Apple) in a description from 1867

Art Cultivated apple ( Malus domestica )
origin probably Mecklenburg
known since First described in 1773
List of apple varieties

The Rote Brasil is a historic apple variety that was particularly widespread in Mecklenburg . It was probably named after the Brazil wood tree ( Caesalpinia echinata ). It is listed in the Quade tree nursery variety list as number 1930/35 and is orchard variety of the year 2018 in Northern Germany .


The red Brazilian apple was first described in 1773 by Pastor Henne and in 1809 by the pomologist Johann Ludwig Christ. It was mentioned for the last time in literature in 1894, and since then it has long been considered lost across Germany. The variety was distributed locally by the Quade tree nursery (in the Neuhaus district ) until around 1940/50 . It was not until a preserved apple tree was discovered near Pommau in the former inner-German border area that the variety was revived. The regionally based association "Konau 11 - Natur" is currently concerned with the preservation and dissemination.

Fruit and tree

The red brazil has medium to large fruits that are round to round-edged in cross-section. The skin is smooth with a yellow base color, with the surface color being dark red to intense burgundy. The ripe fruits often show a bluish shimmering wax coating. The flesh is yellowish white, moderately juicy, loose and quickly becoming crumbly. Fresh it tastes tartaric and very pleasant.

The tree makes very large, healthy trees that need fresh, nutrient-rich soil. It also survives flooding of the site for several weeks.

Harvest and use

Red Brazil is ripe for picking between mid-September and mid-October. It is ready for consumption from the harvest in September and until after Christmas. Because of its beautifully colored red fruit, Brazil was occasionally used as a bridal apple. Applesauce cooked from it turns pink.


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