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The 1902/03 South German soccer championship was won for the third time in a row by the Karlsruher FV . This meant that the KFV was qualified for the subsequent first final round of the German championship in 1903 , but curiously enough, not a single game played there. The finals of the Association of South German Football Associations took place from mid-October and were completed in December 1902. With a few exceptions, the champions were determined in cup mode at both regional and association level. The assignment of the games played to local competitions or to official finals of the southern German association is not always clear due to the poor source of information.


An organized league game operation was only set up by the VSFV in the following season 1903/04 . The participants in the southern German final round up to and including the 1902/03 round were usually also determined through qualifying matches, although the sources for this vary greatly from region to region. After all, there are significantly more results for this season than for previous years, which is due, on the one hand, to the higher number of participants and, on the other hand, to more frequent reporting in the newspapers, especially in the Rhine-Main area (and in particular the Frankfurter Zeitung ). For many games, however, it cannot be determined without a doubt whether they were played as part of the southern German finals, whether it was a regional championship or regional qualifying games, or even just friendlies. Unless otherwise stated, the following games are assigned to the first rounds of the southern German championship in the literature. The regional division serves only for the overview and corresponds roughly to the later official division of the association area.

Regional preliminary round matches


date Result
October 12th FFC Victoria 3-0 Kickers Offenbach
October 19th Frankfurt FC Kickers 4: 2 Germania Bockenheim
October 12th FSV Frankfurt 3: 1 Wiesbadener FC
date Result place
October 26th Frankfurt FC Victoria 2-0 Viktoria 1894 Hanau
November 9th Frankfurt FC Kickers 3-0 Hermannia Frankfurt Sports field test subject
  1. Hanauer FC 93 6: 3 FSV Frankfurt
date Result
October 12, 1902 Germania Bockenheim 3: 2 Amicitia Bockenheim
October 12, 1902 Viktoria Aschaffenburg 1-0 Kickers Offenbach
October 12, 1902 FC Germania Offenbach 2-0 FC Melitia Offenbach
October 12, 1902 1. Hanauer FC 93 2-0 Frankfurt FC Germania
October 12, 1902 Viktoria 1894 Hanau 3-0 Hanauer FG 1899
date Result
October 19, 1902 Hermannia Frankfurt 7-0 FC Germania Offenbach
October 19, 1902 Bockenheimer FVgg 7: 1 Viktoria Aschaffenburg
date Result
10/26/2/11/9/11 Hermannia Frankfurt 7-0 Bockenheimer FVgg

Five teams from Frankfurt also took part in the 1902/03 round of the Frankfurt Association Bund : ( FC Victoria , FC Germania 1894 , FSV Frankfurt , Hermannia Frankfurt, FC Kickers ).


There are no indications that teams from the Palatinate took part in the southern German championship this year. An organized game operation was only set up in the Palatinate in 1903 in the Association of Palatinate Clubs for Movement Games.

Württemberg, Baden and Alsace

The Stuttgarter Kickers again won the championship in the Württemberg district. Opponents were FC Stuttgart 1894, FV Schwaben Stuttgart and the south German FC Stuttgart. Final round matches for the Württemberg championship:

Stuttgart group

date Result
October 12th 1 Stuttgart Kickers 4: 3 South German FC Stuttgart
date Result
19th October 1 Stuttgart Kickers 7-0 FC Stuttgart 1894
1in accordance with the Greens , and

Württemberg district

date Result
October 26th /
0November 2nd 2
Stuttgart Kickers 11: 00 Private TV Ulm
2Divergence between and

Other playoffs in this region:

date Result
October 12th Strasbourg FV 7-0 Strasbourg FC Donar
date Result
October 19th Phoenix Karlsruhe 6: 5 1. FC Pforzheim
Strasbourg FV 5: 3 Freiburg FC
Karlsruhe FV 2-0 Phoenix Karlsruhe
date Result
23 November 3 Stuttgart Kickers 4: 1 1. FC Pforzheim
3On the match is shown as the quarter-finals for the South German Championship. At Pöge / Grüne / Schulze-Marmeling and on, however, the game Stuttgarter Kickers - FC Bayern Munich is classified as a quarter-final game on November 2nd. In the case of Greens, p. 17 and on, the latter encounter with the same result is documented as an intermediate round or (round of 16 on November 9th).


The Bayern Munich is Munich's champion. Accordingly, the following games, which are also mentioned in other sources, could be attributed to the Munich City Championship:

Semi-final city championship (?):

date Result
October 12th FC Bavaria 1899 Munich 16: 00 1. Munich FC 1896

Final city championship (?)

date Result
October 26th FC Bayern Munich 9: 3 4 FC Bavaria 1899 Munich
4thFinal result according to Schulze-Marmeling and Allgemeine Sport-Zeitung of November 1, 1902; According to Grüne and 8: 3

Final round of the southern German championship

Quarter-finals (November 16 and 23, 1902)
Darmstadt FC - Frankfurt FC Kickers 3: 2 November 16, 1902
Stuttgart Kickers - FC Bayern Munich 4: 1
1. Hanauer FC 93 - Frankfurt FC Victoria 3: 2 5
( Karlsruhe FV - Strasbourg FV executed Strasbourg did not compete and was disqualified.)
Karlsruhe FV - Mannheim FG 1896 executed Mannheim did not appear and was disqualified. 6th
5after Grüne, p. 17; According to this game took place on November 2nd and Victoria had home rights
6thThis set of games can be found at Grüne, p. 17, and is confirmed by the Prager Tagblatt of November 29, 1902, page 9
Semi-finals (November 30, 1902)
1. Hanauer FC 93 - Darmstadt FC 2: 1
Karlsruhe FV - Stuttgart Kickers 7-0
Final (December 7, 1902 in Darmstadt)
Karlsruhe FV - 1. Hanauer FC 93 5: 2

KFV: Wilhelm Langer - Erwin Schricker , A. Holdermann - Hefner, Schwarze, Albert Alterheim - O. Roth, Louis Heck , Julius Zinser , Rudolf Wetzler , Fritz Langer .

In the subsequent first final round of the German championship , the Karlsruher FV should have played against DFC Prague in Munich . However, the Prague team objected to this appointment, which was granted and the meeting in Leipzig - now as a semi-final - was rescheduled. Shortly before leaving for Saxony, the KFV received a telegram after which the game was canceled again. As a result, the people of Karlsruhe did not come. The telegram was a fake, the German Football Association then disqualified the KFV for not showing up. Those responsible should have had the truthfulness of the message confirmed by asking the DFB, was the answer to the protests of Karlsruhe. The KFV was eliminated from the championship competition without having played a game. DFC Prague lost to VfB Leipzig in the final .


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