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Ship data
flag German EmpireGerman Empire (Reichskriegsflagge) German Empire
Ship type Small cruiser
class Bremen class
Shipyard AG Weser , Bremen
Build number 135
building-costs 4,746,000 marks
Launch July 9, 1903
Commissioning May 19, 1904
Whereabouts Sunk on December 17, 1915
Ship dimensions and crew
111.1 m ( Lüa )
110.6 m ( KWL )
width 13.3 m
Draft Max. 5.53 m
displacement Construction: 3,278 t
Maximum: 3,797 t
crew 288 to 349 men
Machine system
machine 10 marine boilers,
2 3-cylinder compound machines
12,100 hp (8,900 kW)
23.3 kn (43 km / h)
propeller 2 four-leaf ⌀ 3.9 m
  • Deck: 20-80 mm
  • Coam: 100 mm
  • Command tower: 20–100 mm
  • Shields: 50 mm

The SMS Bremen was a small cruiser of the Imperial Navy and the lead ship of the seven-ship Bremen class . The launch took place on July 9, 1903 at the Werft AG Weser in Bremen . The commissioning took place on May 19, 1904 in Wilhelmshaven .


Foreign assignment

After the tests were completed on July 15, 1904, the Bremen was detached to the East American station in order to replace the small cruiser Gazelle there . The ship left Kiel on August 27, 1904 and arrived in Rio de Janeiro on September 25, 1904 . This was followed by 9½ years of service as a station cruiser . The Bremen visited many ports in South, Central and North America.

In November 1910, a British and a US warship carried out together with the Bremen under German command the removal of the Revolutionary General Valladares in the Pacific port of Amapala in Honduras .

In December 1912 she was ordered to West Africa to support the gunboats Panther and Boar after the outbreak of unrest in Liberia . In January 1913 she returned to the East American station. In June 1913 the Bremen was ordered back home, with the ship visiting the German colonies of Cameroon and Togo on the return voyage in August 1913 . When she entered Funchal , Madeira on September 24, 1913 , the order to return home was revoked.

The Dresden planned as a new station cruiser was not yet ready for use. The Bremen had to run to the east coast of Mexico , where it remained until January 21, 1914 because of the unrest. It was replaced by Dresden . Now the Bremen had to go to Haiti because there was also unrest there. On February 13, 1914, she was finally able to travel home to Germany, where she arrived on March 18, 1914.

On March 27, 1914, the Bremen in Wilhelmshaven was temporarily decommissioned. This was followed by a thorough shipyard overhaul and partial modernization. Four 10.5 cm guns were exchanged for two 15 cm cannons. In addition, the chimneys were changed, the bow rebuilt and the electrical measuring system renewed.

First World War

On May 27, 1915, the Bremen was put back into service and ordered to the Baltic Sea.

At the beginning of July 1915 the ship moved from Kiel to Libau . Together with the IV. Squadron an advance was made into the eastern Baltic Sea. On August 8, 1915, the Bremen rescued the crew of the torpedo boat T 52 . This had run into a mine. During the venture to conquer the Gulf of Riga , there were some combat contacts with Russian warships.


On the evening of December 17, 1915, the Bremen left the port of Windau together with the torpedo boats V 191 and V 186 . On the Sponbank ran V 191 at 17:10 on a mine . The Bremen immediately began with the rescue measures. A tow attempt failed. While rescuing the castaways, the cruiser itself received two mine hits. At 6:04 p.m. the small cruiser sank in the Baltic Sea. 250 crew members were killed. 53 survivors were rescued by V 186 .


May to July 1904 Corvette Captain / Frigate Captain Paul Schlieper
July 1904 to December 1906 Corvette Captain / Frigate Captain Richard Koch
December 5, 1906 to November 15, 1908 Frigate captain / sea ​​captain Hermann Alberts
December 1908 to October 1909 Frigate Captain / Sea Captain Albert Hopman
October 1909 to October 1911 Frigate captain / sea captain Ernst Goette
October 4, 1911 to April 14, 1912 Corvette Captain Hans Seebohm
April to May 1912 Corvette Captain / Frigate Captain Heinrich Retzmann
May 9, 1912 to March 27, 1914 Frigate Captain Hans Seebohm
May to December 17, 1915 Corvette Captain Axel Walter

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