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Sabine Boss, Locarno Film Festival 2019

Sabine Boss (* 1966 in Aarau ) is a Swiss director , screenwriter and director of studies in the field of film at the Zurich University of the Arts .


Sabine Boss graduated from 1992 to 1996 with a degree in film / video at the Zurich University of the Arts . During this time she made several short films. After completing her training, she worked as an assistant director at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg and developed her own scripts.

Sabine Boss has been working as a freelance writer and director for film, television and theater since 2000, and has also been a lecturer at the Zurich University of the Arts since 2011 . In 2017 she took over the direction of studies in the field of film at the Zurich University of the Arts.

Her first film Ernstfall in Havana was a hit with the public in 2002 and is still among the ten best-viewed films in Switzerland. In 2014, her film Der Goalie bin ig , based on the novel of the same name by Pedro Lenz , was released in 2014, which was equally successful with audiences and features . The film received four Swiss film awards , including a. Best feature film and best screenplay , and was also awarded the Zurich Film Prize and the Bern Film Prize.

For her artistic work, Sabine Boss received the SwissAward 2014 in the Culture category and the Aargau Culture Prize 2015. Sabine Boss is a member of the Swiss Film Academy and the European Film Academy .

She lives and works in Zurich.



  • 2020: Jagdzeit (director and scriptwriter)
  • 2016: Hotel Heidelberg - Day by Day (Director)
  • 2016: Tatort - suicide (director and screenplay)
  • 2015: Suspicion (Director)
  • 2015: Vecchi Pazzi (director and screenplay)
  • 2014: Der Goalie bin ig (director and screenplay)
  • 2014: Affair (Director)
  • 2012: Tatort - hillside location with a view (director)
  • 2012: Strength 6 (Director)
  • 2011: Murder Behind the Curtain (Director)
  • 2010: Sunday Four (Director)
  • 2009: Das Fräuleinwunder (Director)
  • 2008: The Secret of Murk (Director)
  • 2008: Day and Night (six episodes)
  • 2007: No turning back, Studer's latest case (director and screenplay)
  • 2005: Undercover (Director)
  • 2004: Lüthi and Blanc (18 episodes)
  • 2002: Emergency in Havana (director and screenplay)
  • 2001: Studer's first case (director and screenplay)
  • 1995: final spurt (diploma thesis)

Theater direction



Contracting boy - Konzerttheater Bern:

«On the other hand, the cinematic sequences interrupt narrative passages, monologues - large-scale shots in the film: They condense the progress of events and develop the pull of a poetry of melancholy. Mood and voice are the atmospheric foundation of a lesson in inhumanity, which is particularly harrowing after the break. High-level language alternates with dialect, there are visually strong dialogues, sometimes with Horvathic power. "

- Daniele Muscionico

Der Goalie bin ig - Movie:

«An unpretentious, charming work that also works universally and touches you: You come across pore-deep, authentic, optimistic types like Goalie all over the world. Drawing as precisely as in Der Goalie bin ig is still too rare in Swiss films. Chapeau! "

- Michael Lang

“People over 35 are particularly happy in Der Goalie bin ig , because the film, which has been thrilling the Swiss for weeks, is a loving look back at the dreamers and hangers-on of yore, the lovers and those in love. A nice, round, wistful film about a handful of men, 1988, somewhere in the upright uneventfulness of the Bernese province. "

Affair - TV movie:

“The ARD everyday comedy Affair understands the husband's slip, which gives the title, differently than comparable entertainment films, treats him not as a narcissistic insult for the female main character, but as a starting point for a what-if scenario that is played through consistently and thoroughly. »

- Rainer Tittelbach

The Secret of Murk - TV Movie:

«With The Secret of Murk, the director has succeeded in doing more than just a light comedy for a rainy summer. The film is beneficial proof that Swiss humor can do without embarrassing jokes and convulsive self-mortification. "

- Sonja Wenger

Lonely people by Gerhart Hauptmann - Theater Luzern:

“The Swiss filmmaker Sabine Boss skilfully stages Gerhart Hauptmann's seldom played, dialogue-intensive play Einsame Menschen as a tightrope walk between theater and music. A trouvaille! "

Nike by Thea Dorn - world premiere at the Schauspiel Hannover:

«The dry, technically sketched direction by the young Swiss director Sabine Boss refrains from making any personal statements. The audience can take it hard. With helpless, almost hysterical laughter, the audience ventures from time to time. There are almost no words with which the piece can be described. "

- Roland Bottke

creeps - Schauspielhaus Hamburg:

"The Swiss TV director and former Theater-Spektakel-employee, Sabine Boss , staged the strong play imaginatively and pointedly, and her casting of the girls' roles with three young actresses has proven to be an absolute stroke of luck."

- Lutz Huebner

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