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The Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (spelling since 2016: FILMKUNSTFEST MV ; previously: filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or filmkunstfest MV ) is a film festival that has been held in Schwerin in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania every year since 1991 (until 2007 as Filmkunstfest Schwerin ). With 18,500 visitors a year, it is considered the largest public festival in the new federal states .

Organizers and venues

The Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has been the successor to the FilmKunstFest Schwerin since 2007 , which was brought to life by North German filmmakers in 1991. It is now being organized by the non-profit Filmland MV gGmbH. It takes place in the first week of May of the year in the state capital Schwerin . The main venue is the Schwerin Capitol cinema . Other events such as concerts, readings or exhibitions can be found among others. a. in the Schweriner Höfe, in the Schleswig-Holstein-Haus , in the State Museum Schwerin , the Schwerin Cathedral , the E-Werk , the socio-cultural center "Der Speicher", the Stadtkrug and in the wheelhouse.

Honorary award from the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Film Festival

The Golden Ox (alluding to the coat of arms of Mecklenburg) is the FILMKUNSTFEST MV's honorary prize, awarded for outstanding contributions to national film culture. Previous winners:


Feature film competition

Jury of the German-language film criticism in the FIPRESCI (feature film competition)

  • 2011: Irene Genhart, Frank-Burkhard Habel , Gunnar Landsgesell
  • 2012: Beat Glur (journalist), Hans Christian Leitich (film critic), Ingrid Beerbaum (freelance journalist, film critic)
  • 2013: Sonia Lazslo, Wilfried Hippen, Rolf Breiner
  • 2014: Carola Fischer, Erika Richter , Thomas Taborsky
  • 2015: Rolf-Ruediger Hamacher, Christine Deriaz, Achim Hättich
  • 2016: Reinhard Kleber, Hans Christian Leitich, Georges Wyrsch
  • 2017: Peter Holdener, Sabina Zeithammer, Andreas Wirwalski
  • 2018: Dinara Maglakelidze, Frank-Burkhard Habel, Marian Wilhelm
  • 2019: Teresa Vena, Susanne Gottlieb, Radovan Holub

Short film jury

Documentary film jury (competition has existed since 2014)

Feature film competition

After the Max Ophüls Prize film festival in Saarbrücken, the FILMKUNSTFEST MV in Schwerin is considered one of the most important young talent festivals in Germany. In the feature film competition ten productions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland compete for the main prize Flying Ox and seven other awards. The prizes are awarded:

Main prize The Flying Ox

The flying ox is the main prize at the FILMKUNSTFEST MV feature film competition. It was donated by the Ministry for Education, Science and Culture, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania until 2016. The prize has been donated by the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania State Chancellery since 2017. The award has been endowed with 10,000 euros since 2012. The fiction film competition with current productions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, together with the competitions for documentaries and short films, is at the center of the festival.

Award winners since 1997:

NDR director award

Donated by the Norddeutscher Rundfunk . Award winners since 2007:

Young Talent Award

Donated by the DEFA Foundation . Award winners since 2007:

Audience award

Donated by the Schweriner Volkszeitung (SVZ). Award winners since 2007:

Foundling price

"Findling" - Prize of the Landesverband Filmkommunikation e. V. of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

The prize has been awarded at the festival since 1991. It includes u. a. a tour of the film and director through the cultural cinemas and film clubs in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Prize winners from 1998 to 2013:

Award for the best performance

Donated by Sky Germany . Awarded from 2012 to 2015:

Young Actor Award

Donated by Stadtwerke-Schwerin . Awarded since 2008:


Donated by the CineStar Group / Greater Union GmbH & Co. KG. Awarded from 2008 to 2013.

Award for the best music and sound design

Donated by Studio Mitte, Berlin. Awarded since 2009:

Prize of the jury of the German-language film criticism in FIPRESCI

Awarded since 2011:

Script award

Donated by Weinhandel Höglinger. Awarded only in 2009:

Short film competition

Twenty films (previously: ten) from German-speaking countries have been competing in the short film competition since 2014:

Main prize of the state capital Schwerin

Previous winners:

  • 2007: Michael Dreher for Fair Trade
  • 2008: Susann Schimk for encounter
  • 2009: Andrzej Król for Birthday
  • 2010: Bernadette Knoller for Mein Mallorca
  • 2011: Eva Becker for n gschichtn
  • 2012: Leonie Krippendorff for Streuner and Liv Scharbatke and Jörg Rambaum for Olgastraße 18 (price shared)
  • 2013: Barbara Marheineke for Green Gold
  • 2014: Philipp Döring for Can still come
  • 2015: Karsten Wiesel for Hochbrücke Brunsbüttel and Christophe Saber for Discipline
  • 2016: Volker Schlecht and Alexander Lahl for Kaputt
  • 2017: Sophie Linnenbaum for PIX
  • 2018: Matthias Sahli for intervention in a bank
  • 2019: Hannah Dörr for Midas or The Black Canvas

Award for the best composition

Awarded by Artia Nova Film from 2010 to 2012:

  • 2010: Jakob Süß for Faustschlag , director: Malte Ollroge
  • 2011: Falko Lachmund for Rausch , director: Verena Jahnke
  • 2012: Alexander Griesser for Kursdorf , director: Michael Schwarz

Documentary film competition

Grand Prize

Donated by Sparkasse Mecklenburg-Schwerin, awarded for the first time in 2014:

Prize for the best image design in the documentary film competition

Donated by Sparkasee Mecklenburg-Schwerin, awarded for the first time in 2018:

Audience award

Donated by RPV Regionalpaket Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, awarded from 2009 to 2013:

Young Talent Award

Donated by the DEFA Foundation . 2012 awarded in the documentary film competition:

Children's and youth film series

The Leo

Awarded by a jury for children and young people, donated in 2013 by Sparkasse Mecklenburg-Schwerin and donated by the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth since 2015:

Other prizes outside the film series

Film Residence Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Scholarship for scriptwriting

Awarded as a scholarship since 2010 in cooperation with the Künstlerhaus Lukas , Ahrenshoop

Diversity award

Awarded since 2012 in cooperation with the initiative "We. Success needs diversity"

More film series

In the series Hommage , the honorary award winner is presented with a cross-section of his cinematic work.

The NDR special shows the media partner's latest productions as a preview.

Current film productions that were filmed in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are shown in the series “ Turned in MV” .

Cinema of the World - FIPRESCI Prize Winner presents international films that have received a prize from the International Association of Film Critics and Journalists FIPRESCI at other festivals .

The young wild in 2012 was a series in which unconventional German-language productions by young directors were shown.

Since 1996, the country series has featured a guest country with current films and classics. The following countries were host countries in the country series:

Film forum country series:

  • 1996: Great Britain
  • 1997: Spain
  • 1998: Scandinavia
  • 1999: Netherlands
  • 2000: France
  • 2001: Italy
  • 2002: Poland
  • 2003: Hungary
  • 2004: Iceland
  • 2005: Switzerland
  • 2006: Portugal

Country series:

  • 2007: Norway
  • 2008: Austria
  • 2009: USA
  • 2010: Germany
  • 2011: Israel
  • 2012: Russia
  • 2013: Great Britain
  • 2014: Turkey
  • 2015: France
  • 2016: Belgium
  • 2017: Denmark
  • 2018: Georgia
  • 2019: Ireland

Short film night

On the traditional short film night, which takes place in the socio-cultural center Speicher for most of the years , the audience award "Golden Moon" was awarded from 2007 to 2016.

  • 1993: Thomas Struck for The Little Fart
  • 1994: Rainer Matsutani for the Horror Clinic
  • 1995: Uli Gaulke for Somewhere in Germany
  • 1996: Katarina Peters for Mascha and Yellow
  • 1997: Janek Rieke for Out of Sweden
  • 1998: Manuel and Marian Piper for air and love
  • 1999: Dylan De Jong for Johnny
  • 2000: Wim Wenders for Alabama: 2000 Light Years
  • 2001: Guenter Schulz for Face It
  • 2002: Virgil Vildrich for Copy Shop
  • 2003: Zoltan Blank for memories - The raven in the cage
  • 2004: Henning Hesse for Rosenreigen
  • 2005: Karl Heinz Lotz for bank robbery (working title)
  • 2006: Martin Molter for beer | Bernd Scharfenberg for Satisfaction - denazification through blues
  • 2007: Thomas Pönitz for Africa
  • 2008: Marina Hartfelder for Das Spiel des Wahnsinns
  • 2009: Frauke Thielecke for evening song
  • 2010: Verena Fels for mobile
  • 2011: Holger Löwe for rules of film art
  • 2012: Christian Ricken for headlocks
  • 2013: Sascha Quade for Meyer
  • 2014: Johannes Kürschner, Franz Müller for Simply Clever
  • 2015: Matthew VanDyke for Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution
  • 2016: Marco Gadge for him and her
  • 2017: Tomer Eshed for Our Wonderful Nature - The Common Chameleon
  • 2018: Marco Gadge for Anyone
  • 2019: Jannick Seeber for differences of opinion
  • 2020: Anna Zhukovets for Im Glashaus

Forum of the Arts

The Forum der Künste (at times also the Werkstatt der Künste ), which corresponds to the respective country series, alludes to the connections between film and the other arts with exhibitions, readings, theater and concerts.

Festival newspaper

film! is a project of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Youth Media Association. V. The magazine accompanying the FILMKUNSTFEST MV is produced daily by young media makers during the festival.

Artistic Director

  • 1991: Dieter Schumann
  • 1991–1993, 1998: Ulrich Kavka (Head of Forum der Künste)
  • 1992 – April 2010: Hasso Hartmann
  • April – December 2010: Saskia Walker and Stefan Fichtner
  • 2011 – May 2012: Stefan Fichtner
  • June 2012–2013: Oliver Hübner
  • since 2014: Volker Kufahl

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