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Salm stands for:

Villages, districts and regions:

  • the county of Salm, in the Ardennes Niedersalm and in the Vosges Obersalm , see Salm (noble family) #division into Oberalm and Niedersalm
  • the Principality of Salm under the joint rule of the Princely Houses Salm-Salm (Anholt) and Salm-Kyrburg (Ahaus) with the seat of government in the city of Bocholt (today the Borken district in North Rhine-Westphalia)
  • Salm (Eifel) , a municipality in the Vulkaneifel district in Rhineland-Palatinate
  • the district of Burg Salm of the local community Landscheid in the district of Bernkastel-Wittlich in Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Salm Island (Salm Island, Ostrow Salm), an island in the Franz Josef Land archipelago between the Arctic Ocean and the Barents Sea


  • Salm (Amel) , left tributary of the Amel (French Amblève ) in Trois Ponts, Verviers district, Liège province, Belgium
  • Salm (Mosel) , left tributary of the Moselle near Klüsserath, Trier-Saarburg district, Rhineland-Palatinate

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