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The Sauerländer Platt (the Sauerland dialect , the Sauerland ; Sauerland: Surländsk Platt ( Friedrich Wilhelm Grimme ), Siuerländsk Platt and Siuerlänner Platt ( Christine Koch )) was the Low German vernacular in the Sauerland , usually it becomes the South Westphalian and therefore Westphalian branch of the West Low Germans calculated. Under the influence of High German , the importance of the dialect has decreased rapidly to this day. The Sauerländer Platt no longer exists as everyday slang. Only a few Sauerlanders speak the language more or less well.

Like the rest of the Low German language area, the Sauerland Platt is divided into numerous local dialects , which differ in their slightly different pronunciation and local vocabulary. When it was still colloquial, the residents of neighboring towns were often identified by their pronunciation.


Standard German Sauerland
to run läopen, loapen, ...
People Luienk, Lüt, Lüe, ..
speak kuiern, küen, ...
Sauerland Siuerlänner, Suerlänner, ...
Skiing Skiloap

Balver Platt

Standard German Balver Platt
from aff
Eve Owend
distract aff direct
Axis on which op the aces
as if annoy if
Old woman de Ölsk, de Ölsch
to the ant
accepted annorms
try on try on
also uh, uh
on the op 'm
effort factory
enumerate afftiäl
out iut
express press iut
soon boll
barber Babutz
beard Bort
to build to iron
Farmer Biuer ("de Biuer kräug mit der Iuer öwwer de Muier" = tongue twister with a turn of the volume: "The farmer crawled with the clock over the wall") .
Baumberg Baumbrigg
Trees Trees
serve bedainen (“dai Kranken bedainen” = providing the sick with the sacraments of death; according to “Balver Buch” from 1930, p. 222, derived from the years of witchcraft persecution from 1593-1630: “serving the prisoners”, so giving consolation and spiritual support . )
look at bekäiken
at bey
sit together, be together vey mochen liuter bey nayn manners
almost, soon boll
legs Beyne
better berter
well well
visit string
visited beseiket
bed Berre
to bit
little please
are to
stay blaiwen
Please stay blitt se
stayed blue
just bläus
wide brait
letter Braif
bring brenk
brings brenget
Brothers Brewer
chest Bristle
book Bauke
beech Beake
rifle Büxe
butter Burter
clever girl use daiern
there do
with it dobey
top, roof Dak
thereby there you
for this for it
in order to domet
then you would have then listen ey
thereon on it
on it, up darop
may draff
about that do örwer
the dat
this means dut het
continuously diuing
between ter tüske
hearty hefty
yours deyne, däin
the dumb
the deärn
of the de, day
you di
the day
the de
the mountains dai Biärge
Hallway Dierle
this dut
this may
to you dey, di
double doubles
double youwworld
Villages Dörpe
on on
Three Kings Three kings
you diu
you are doing there is
thin thin
by you he
confused thin
through may
corner Eggsken
actually absolutely
hurried urgently
a ayn
one en
easy eynfach
ideas Inffalls
persuaded, pretended för schwalt
fell asleep inslopen
only one only
enormously delusion
Ducks Peylen
he he, hay (beginning of sentence)
he stays blitt se
he stayed hey blue
he should have stayed bläiwen likes
he knocks her to death hey hey hey döut
he is reading now ey it at the quiet
he sees hey suit
he sits hey sittet
first ais
first ais
tell distribute
Stories, andecdotes Vertellekes
it ert
it works gaiert
something asked
to you ugg
you, with met uch
your ugge
drive fain
moves fiery
colour Farwe
nearly boll
fine fine
window window
finished ferrig
firmly fast
held hold fast
Fire Fuier
flesh Flais
To fly Flaigen
Escaped Fläo
foal Fürlen
away fut
French Franzoiske
Women Frowen, Frauluie
free ask
Free court frigging
Stranger in the Fruity
Stranger Fruity
Foreign words Frürmet wore
friend Frond
freeze fruern
eats freezes
earlier frögger
spring Fröyjohr
feel feylen
For för
foot Faute
fork gaff
goose Gäus
Geese Goise
Roast goose Gäusebroten
not at all not at all
garden Goren
give girwen
brought brings
thought thought
pleased ask
went gohn
had Has
got married heyrotet
heated got married
go gohn
let's go go vey
fetched stop
are you going guest
goes gaiht
fine gäiert et
skillfully can
opportunity Opportunity
learned lornt
made maket
bricked up mutes
vegetables Corn
enough really
straight just
taste taste
Stories Vertellekes
written schrierwen, schriäwen
set sat
yesterday register
overturned stumbles
healthy healthy
baptized dofft
drank drunk
wondered wünnert
gives gaws
gives girt
faith gläuwe
equal glaik
luck Fortunes
size gray
Greens Horror
greeting Grius
greetings Greetings
look kaiken
Well belt
quality gure
have hawwe
to have häwwen, härren
do you have would have
do we have harder
do we have vey hah
chop hagge
helped that dat bat (... "wat bat dat bat" )
hold echo
Dealer Dealer
have hard
have manufacture
Has hard
should have stayed mr bläiwen likes
would have persist
heap Horns
House Hius
pagan Sharks
holy holy
heater heater
help barre
help help
Lord God Hair
splendid miserable
around runner
hay hey
howl bläddern
This evening by owene
this afternoon from numerach
here hey
back outlaw
high häuge
want to go high huise hiniut wöll
wedding Hochteyd
squat rake
court Hiuf
hope horpe
we hope vey horpet
Hönne Hunne
dogs Ruiers
female dog tierwe
I ik, irk
him erme
him erne
her he
her hey
her (plural, nom.) ey, ay
you had to I like it
you see he says
her, with met erem
in the umme
Leave it in the steam / manure in the Dampe leggen
let down in the strength
always liuter
in en
in these times en dürser Teyd
in one en eynem
ins int
go to bed de Berre
any any beer
is it
jacket jerkin
year Johr
year jo
whine, we vey whines
everyone jäiden
everyone's friend en allermans Frönd (e.g. de Ruie)
young geese Gössels
Boys Young
Youngest Youths
Calves Kalwer
Coffee grounds Prütt
can me kas mi
broken kapott
laugh out loud pound
Steeple Kerktäuerm
made clear kliar maket
Bones Knörksken
Cup Körwken
grain grain
Grain coffee Muckefuck
Food Food
to die aff gaihn
chick Kuiken
Curator Curative
short kort
let, let let
Unfortunately layder
spoon Lierpel
do maken
times mol
man Menne
one would have to vey mürt
sea Miäre
Menden Mennen
knife Mess
Minutes Minutes
if possible as possible
bite-sized münnekes mote
can catch up no halen
Niederhof Näyernhuaf
not going out (fire) not dawn gohn
make useful use maken
top örwerste
without orne?
often fake
radically eaten up ratz op friärtet
smoke Schmoiken
worms Riot worms
rain gossip
punch in, kick grooming (ball, nail, etc.)
Counting ribs riwen tell
backward ächter äs
Male Rierkel
calls raip on
Runkel leaves Runkelblaier
Rumors Rummesket
tell him six erme
say sedge
said seggt hey
Sauerland Siuerland
Too bad happened
Sheep Schope
crap Hardship
barn Schuier
Butcher to laugh
sleep sloop, sleep
to cut (trees) hagge
to swallow sliuken
narrow smal
snow Snäy, Schnäy
snow sniggen (... "ert snigget and snagget, dat dait us nix, vey holle us alle wacker un fix" - Balver Dreikönigslied)
fast fixed
quickly, immediately brave
beautiful schoin, feyn
dreadful dreadful
write weird
scream, cry bläddern
as shy as a fence to be angry
culprit Sloppy
school Schaule
apron Blackening
Swallows Schalwen
sister Sweet
swim swim
see sayn
very wahne, liuter
be säyn
his be
self selwes
strange funny
themselves serk / sirk
sure, sure Safe, safe
she se
she (plural) say
they go se got
she parks se parket in
looks suit iut
are sint
so säu
so that pig date
such a säun
Socks Socks
just soerven
immediately continued
should one should me
should should
should should
summer summerdags
summer days summerdags
Sun Sunne
to sunbathe sunnen
Sunday Sunday
Sunday sundages
late late
to stroll stroll
play play
speak kuiern, poplar
saying Proverb
do the washing up spail
constantly liuter
suits her well staiht ay guart
to die aff gaihn
hour Stun
search sayken
brawn Sülte
Sundern Suns
Soup Soppe
Make theater (trouble) Trammes maken
Tables Disc
over owwer, öwwer
for free umme sweet, umsüss
to remodel umme te bows
lowest innermost
thrash drersken
maybe maybe
by itself van selwes
to grow water
wait a moment woke up mol
waiting watches
fight back to last
because wail
cry greynen
Crying close to that greynens neye
whom biarmes
fewer less
Works Wiärke
working days werkeldages
how är, Ä
again wier
we should ask more vey mochen mähr frogen
week Wiärke
Times teying
Brick factory Taigeley
quite damn
Newcomer, new citizen buiterling
to push tau schiuwen
At home te hayme

Lüdenscheider Platt

Standard German Lünscher Platt
One should talk flat again. Fi toll moal wi'er küen flat!
He speaks Low German with a High German accent. Hei küet Plattdütsch with the Hochdütschen Schnute.
from aff
Eve Oawend
as if ase (with a soft s) if
old oall
ant Annepe
to the an't
anecdote Doneken
also ouck
on the op 'm
effort plant
out ut
Brook Bieke
Bachtal (small) Siepen
to build bugging
Farmer Buer
at bie
visit litter
visit Besäuk
bed Berre
blood Blue
Porridge Brie
Fountain Pütt ( place name Drögen Pütt = dry well )
Bread and butter Bütterken, or: in butter
Butterbrote (plural) Pöle
little bi'eken
stay blues
bride Bruut
loaf bride
wide brait
letter Braif
Brothers Brouer
beech Baucke
butter Bu'etter
Buttermilk Käinemäalke
there doa
with it doabie
for this for it
on it, up doaropp
the dat
the däim
the there a
of the
you di
the de
the mountains dai Biärge
to you di
dead dout
wire Droaht
outside buten
inside within
Villages Dörpe
by dör
corner Eggsken
Oak Eicke
actually actually
a ain
one aine
only one single
iron Read
The End Narrow ( at the end = narrow )
he hey
he stayed hot blue
strawberry Elbette
experience biläiwen
tell distribute
it works et gi'et
eat Iarden
factory Fabricksken ("First saying of the first Lüdenscheider": Bou äs daan mien Fabricksken? = Where is my factory? )
field Camp
finished ferrig, p'roat ( from parat; i'ek sin p'roat. = I'm ready / ready. )
To fly To fly
Women Frouen
free frie
Free, hit on Friggen ( Friggen un Heudroogen happens fake ümme sweet = outdoors and hay drying often happen in vain. )
Stranger in the Early morning
earlier frögger
friend Frond
Fox Voss
five fi'ef
For for
foot Faut
Lining Fauer
fork gaff
not at all goar nit
garden Goarren
give gi'ewen
went goahn
got married buried ( Hei hi'et si'ek buried. = He got married .)
go goahn
let's go goffe, goffi
are you going guest
goes yawns
made emaket
bricked up embarrassed
straight great
Stories Vertellekes
baptized main
gives gi'et
Ground elder (Aegopodium podagraria) Guests
faith gläuwe
Firefly Glüöräs
size dreaded
Well good
quality was
frequently fake
chicken Chicken
House Huus
Lord God Oh Här !, Oh Här, Oh Här!
today vanda
here Hi
back aft
high houge
Standard German Houchdütsch
hope houpe
we hope fi houpet
trousers Buxe
dogs Rüen ( Come over Rüen, come ouk over'n Stiärt. )
I i'ek
him i'eme
him i'ene
her he
in the umme
engineer Incinoe
ins in't
go to bed in't Berre goahn
is it
jacket Slips
year Joahr
everyone jäiden
coffee Coffie
cat Katte
broken kapott
potato Apples
church Kiarke
Bones Knörksken
chick Köiken
to run loop
leather Liar
People Lüt
spoon Liäpel
dear laif
do maken
girl Wichtken
times moal
one would have to, we would have to fi tolls
Flour Mial
knife Mess
milk Mäalke
rice pudding Riesebrie
bite-sized münnekes moate
got to toll
mother Mouder
New nigge
Upper floor, upper store Haniacke
Ox Osse
Grandpa, grandfather Bessfader, Bessfa'er
pastor Pastoer
pancake Pannekauken (legend of the thick fat Pannekauken van Niggeroa / thick fat pancake from Neuenrade)
horse Piärd
pipe Beep
plum Prume
Quark Hotten
rub ri'ewen
red rouh
say to saw
Sauerland Suerland
Sheep Schoape
barn Schuier
sleep sloop
Wrought Schmitte
snow sniff
fast fixed
beautiful beautiful
write weird
shy bluish
school Schaule
tail Stiärt, style
black schwatt
sister Sweet
see säin
strange funny
themselves si'ek
sure, sure Safe, safe
she se
so sou
should we? sofi ( Sofi noa Läiwrin goahn? = Shall we go to Leifringhausen? )
late late ( Bou late i'et dan? = What time is it? )
speak küen
saying Sprüecksken
to die stiarwen
search säuken
valley Dahl, or final syllable -becke ( Mintenbecke, Fuelbecke )
Cup Köppken ( ain Köppken Koffie )
tea Tai
dry dull
Do me; give me Daumi ( Daumi dat nit aan! )
over üöwwer
detour Ummewiag
for free umme sweet
to remodel umme te bows
Entertainment, small talk Boast
lowest inmost
father Fader
little bird Vüelken
to grow water
when bannä
What bat (instead of wat; Bat sall dat? = What's that about? )
White witt
who bai
which one becke ( Becke es dat dan? )
again wi'er
we should ask more fi more froagen
Where boa
Why borümme ( Borümme dat dan? )
Times Tides
quite taimli'ek

The comparison of the dialects of Balve and Lüdenscheid, today in the same district, reveals the great wealth of forms and the range of variations of the Sauerland Platt.

Sauerland dialect archive sponsoring association

Stertschultenhof in Cobbenrode

To protect the regional and minority languages, the Eslohe community , the Olpe and Hochsauerland districts , the Christine Koch Society and the Sauerland Heimatbund joined forces in 2001 to form the Sauerland dialect archive. One of the purposes of the sponsoring association is to promote and archive dialects in the Sauerland. The dialect archive is housed in the Stertschultenhof in Cobbenrode . So far around 115 local dialects have been recorded.

Christine Koch dialect archive

The communication of Sauerland dialect literature is one of the special focuses of the Christine Koch dialect archive at the Eslohe Machine and Local History Museum . An extensive publication project on the history of dialect literature in the Sauerland region grew out of this work, and three volumes have already been published. The website of the archive houses a virtual library on the Sauerland dialect.

Radio show Thu biste flat

Since May 6, 2002 the Hochsauerlandwelle has been broadcasting a regular radio broadcast in the Sauerland's native language with Do biste platt . Until 2004 there was a single issue that the working group dialect care in the Briloner Heimatbund Semper Idem (Kring Muileplegge im Breylschken Haimatbond) broadcast on the first Monday of the month from 6 p.m. on radio Sauerland . In March 2004 the Low German Working Group of the Kolping Family Eslohe (Dai Plattduitske Kring Essel van diär Kolping Family) was added. Meanwhile, Low German representatives from the cities and communities of Arnsberg, Breuna, Diemelsee (Adorf), Diemelstadt (Rhoden), Fröndenberg, Korbach, Lennestadt, Lichtenfels, Marsberg, Medebach, Meschede, Möhnesee, Olsberg, Schmallenberg, Sundern, Twistesee are or were , Volkmarsen, Warstein, Willingen and Winterberg. At Christmas (December 24th or 25th) there is the Low German Christmas from the Sauerland (Doi Plattduitske Kristdag in Siuerlanne), and for the 5th season there is the Low German Carnival (Doi Plattduitske Fastelovend in Siuerlanne). Since 2010, the Hochsauerlandwelle has been broadcasting the Platt program every Monday from 8 p.m. on all radio channels of Radio Sauerland (VHF, cable, network), which is now presented by the Sauerland Heimatbund. On public holidays (Easter Monday, Whit Monday) there are two-hour editions or ExtraPlatt programs from 7 p.m. In addition, many programs have been available since 2018 in cooperation with the NRWision citizen media platform of the Technical University of Dortmund in the on-demand radio (podcast) of the Hochsauerlandwelle. Radio Sauerland has to broadcast the program according to the North Rhine-Westphalian state media law as part of the citizens' radio and has nothing to do with the Lower German offer of the Hochsauerlandwelle, either editorially or financially. Due to a change in the NRW State Media Act in 2007, production funding in community radio was canceled. Due to a lack of donations and financial support, it even threatened to end at times. The non-profit association HochSauerlandWelle e. V. Carrier of the shipment. The program Do biste platt was created based on an idea by Markus Hiegemann and Johanna Balkenhol († 2004) and goes back to the Low German corner in the earlier Radio Sauerland program Heimatkalender , which both helped to create. The show Heimatkalender was discontinued in 1995. In November 2008, the book & CD for the program with Low German stories by Karl-Heinz Schreckenberg from Brilon was published: Do biste flat - Noi hears mool tau! self-published. A second book with CD is planned for 2020 with the author Josef Dahme from Arnsberg-Müschede. From June 29, 2019 to December 31, 2021, the Hochsauerlandwelle is carrying out the SauerlandPlatt project , the contributions of which will be published in the program Do biste platt . The project is funded by the Ministry for Homeland, Local Affairs, Building and Equality of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.



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  2. See contributions to the chronicle of the parish Balve by parish vicar i. RJ Ruhrmann
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