Don't send me flowers

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German title Don't send me flowers
Original title Send Me No Flowers
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1964
length 95 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Norman Jewison
script Julius J. Epstein
production Robert Arthur
Martin Melcher
Harry Keller
music Frank De Vol
camera Daniel L. Fapp
cut J. Terry Williams

Send Me No Flowers is an American comedy film directed by Norman Jewison from 1964 and starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson . After Bettgeflüster and Ein Pajamas für Zwei , the film is the third and last romantic comedy that Doris Day and Rock Hudson are showing together.

The script is based on the play Send Me No Flowers: A Comedy in Three Acts , which was briefly performed on Broadway in 1960 and was written by Norman Barasch and Carroll Moore. The theme song was written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach .


The hypochondriac George Kimball overhears a phone call from his doctor Dr. Morrissey, which is about a terminally ill patient. As Dr. Morrissey explains to his interlocutor that he does not plan to inform the patient of his approaching death. George firmly believes - as the viewer is already making clear: wrongly - that he is the patient who is the subject of the telephone conversation and who only has a few weeks to live.

With this belief, George leaves the practice and on the same day informs his friend and neighbor Arnold Nash about his apparently imminent death. Arnold advises him that George's wife Judy will probably remarry after his death, which prompts George to look for a suitable new husband for his wife Judy over the weekend together with Arnold, without informing her about the state of her husband's health want. His strange attempt to bring Judy together with her former school friend Bert eventually leads Judy to believe that her husband George is cheating on her with another woman. In order to get rid of this accusation, George tells Judy about his approaching death, whereupon Judy hangs up Dr. Morrissey tried to reach out.

It wasn't until Sunday evening that he suddenly appeared in front of the kimballs' front door, in a good mood to offer them some of the fish he caught during the weekend. While George is lying in bed at the moment, Judy learns from the doctor that her husband is really healthy "like a fish in water". For Judy, it follows from this information that George had only made up his imminent demise to cover up an affair. Beside herself with anger, she throws George out of the house and plans to leave town. George tries in vain to change her mind. Only when the undertaker Mr. Akins, from whom George had already bought a tomb days before, brought the receipt for this very transaction over the next day, Judy is convinced that George was not having an affair, but actually wrongly believed that his death was about to happen before.


"Matte star comedy with Doris Day and Rock Hudson."

"After classics like" Bettgeflüster "and" Ein Pajama für Zwei ", Doris Day and Rock Hudson, the dream couple of the sixties, stood in front of the camera together once more. Norman Jewison (" In the Heat of the Night ") directed this entertaining and ambiguous comedy. "


For her portrayal of Judy, Doris Day received a Laurel Award in the Comedy Performance category in 1965 . Rock Hudson was also nominated for his role as George at the Laurel Awards, but only finished third.

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