Schiller Prize of the city of Marbach am Neckar

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The Schiller Prize of the city of Marbach am Neckar was donated by the city of Marbach in 1959 on the occasion of Friedrich Schiller's 200th birthday. The award goes to “excellent work in the field of regional studies of Württemberg ”. The "great son of the city" is to be honored through the special appreciation of scientific works. (Quotes after self-portrayal)

On the occasion of the Schiller Year 2009, the municipal council expanded the criteria for the award. The prize now goes to personalities who are committed to Friedrich Schiller's tradition of thought in their life or work.

The commitment to an ethically responsible concept of freedom in the sense of the poet, be it in politics, art, the humanities and social sciences or the natural sciences, is particularly worthy of prizes. This can be expressed in the oral or written discussion of relevant issues, in professional work or in personal behavior.

The award is presented every two years on November 10th, Schiller's birthday. It is endowed with 10,000 euros (until 2007 with 5,000 euros).

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