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Sonja Korkeala (2015)

Sonja Korkeala (* 1969 in Oulu ) is a Finnish violinist and professor at the University of Music and Theater in Munich .


Sonja Korkeala studied at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki with Ari Angervo and Tuomas Haapanen, at the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest with Mária Vermes and at the University of Music and Theater in Munich with Ana Chumachenco , where she studied in 1995 with the Completed the master class. From 1993 to 2003 she initially worked as Ana Chumachenco's assistant and since 2001 has taught her own class as a lecturer. In 2011 Sonja Korkeala received a professorship for violin at the University of Music and Theater in Munich .

Since 1993 she has played as Primaria in the Munich Rodin Quartet , which has been performing in its own series of concerts in the Max-Joseph-Saal of the Munich Residenz since 1997 and has recorded numerous CDs on the Amati label. Sonja Korkeala is a regular guest at various festivals. She won several prizes at Finnish and international competitions, including 1984 in Prague with her twin sister Katinka, 1985 in Kuopio (Finland), 1988 in Gorizia (Italy) and 1991 with the Munich Concert Society .

Since 2007 she has been Artistic Director of the Kimito Music Festival in Finland together with her sister Katinka .


World premieres (selection)

  • Jörg Duda , Lacrimae lucis op. 22 for violin and large orchestra (for Sonja Korkeala). Performers: Sonja Korkeala (violin), Munich Symphony Orchestra, Wolfgang Lischke.
  • Alexander Muno , Noctes Pompeianae - 1st string quartet. Premiere: August 1998, Bayreuth. Performers: Rodin Quartet .
  • Tobias PM Schneid , Sacred Landscapes, Ritual fragment for 2 violins, viola and 2 cellos . Commissioned by the Rodin Quartet and Siegfried Palms . WP: 2001.
  • Kalevi Aho , string quintet Hommage à Schubert . Kimito Island Music Festival , WP: July 7th, 2009, Dragsfjärd. Performers: Katinka Korkeala, Sonja Korkeala (violin), Ulla Soinne (viola), Marko Ylönen, Katja Kolehmainen (violoncello).
  • Konstantia Gourzi , "Vibrato" (2009/10) op. 38 for string quartet plus piano. European Weeks Passau , premiere June 19, 2010. Performers: Rodin Quartet, Siegfried Mauser (piano).
  • Jouni Kaipainen, Var det Edith? For soprano, string quintet, piano op. 95. Kimito Island Music Festival, WP: July 17, 2011, Kimito / Kemiö. Performers: Helena Juntunen (soprano), Rodin Quartet, Ulrich Wolff (double bass), Eveliina Kytömäki (piano).
  • Aulis Sallinen , String Quartet No. 6 op.103. Kimito Island Music Festival, WP: July 8, 2014, Kimito / Kemiö. Performers: Sonja Korkeala, Katinka Korkeala (violin), Hariolf Schlichtig (viola), Samuli Peltonen (cello).
  • David Sontòn Caflisch, clarinet quintet ( dedicated to Eduard Brunner ). Domleschger Summer Concerts, WP: July 27, 2014, Paspels. Performers: Eduard Brunner (clarinet), Sonja Korkeala, Kristina Altunjan (violin), Taia Lysy (viola), Jan-Hendrik Rübel (violoncello).
  • Alexander Muno , in the solar restaurant, melts for violin, cello and piano. Premiere: May 31, 2016, Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Performers: Sonja Korkeala (violin), Clemens Weigel (violoncello), Markus Bellheim (piano).
  • Francesco Fournier Facio, Um café com os poetas for string quartet and oboe. Premiere: November 15, 2016, Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Performers: Rodin Quartet / Heike Steinbrecher, oboe.

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