Spirits Having Flown

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Spirits Having Flown
Bee Gees studio album



Label (s) RSO records

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Genre (s)

Pop , disco

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The Bee Gees, Albhy Galuten , Karl Richardson

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Children of the World
Spirits Having Flown Living Eyes

Spirits Having Flown is the 13th international music album of the Bee Gees and the 15th overall.


Spirits Having Flown was released in January 1979 at the height of the Bee Gees' popularity during the disco era. They ushered in this era with the previous album Children of the World and made it famous around the world with the soundtrack for the film Saturday Night Fever . On this wave of success, Spirits Having Flown became one of the Bee Gees' most successful albums and was sold over 20 million times worldwide, according to other sources, even over 30 million times. During the recording there was a cooperation with the brass ensemble of the band Chicago , who were just recording their next album in the same studio.

Chart placements

The album reached number one in the US album charts. In Germany, too, the album came first on the album charts. The first three songs on the album were released as singles and all reached first place in the US single charts. In Germany, the single Tragedy was the most successful with second place in the single charts.

Track list

  1. Tragedy - 5:05 ( Barry Gibb / Robin Gibb / Maurice Gibb )
  2. Too Much Heaven - 4:57 (B. Gibb / R. Gibb / M. Gibb)
  3. Love You Inside Out - 4:13 (B. Gibb / R. Gibb / M. Gibb)
  4. Reaching Out - 4:07
  5. Spirits (Having Flown) - 5:21 (B. Gibb / R. Gibb / M. Gibb)
  6. Search, Find - 4:16
  7. Stop (Think Again) - 6:41
  8. Living Together - 4:23
  9. I'm Satisfied - 4:23
  10. Until - 2:27


The album opens with the song Tragedy . In Great Britain the song reached first place in the singles chart in February 1979 and was able to repeat this a month later in the USA. In Germany it reached second place in the single charts, making it the most successful release of the album in Germany. The song was also recorded in the musical production of Saturday Night Fever in London's West End , although it was not actually used in the original film version.

Too Much Heaven

The Bee Gees introduced this song in 1978 and announced at a United Nations press conference in New York City that they would donate all of the proceeds from this song to UNICEF . Too Much Heaven was intended to celebrate the International Year of the Child, which began on January 1, 1979. In the fall of 1978 the single was released. On January 9, 1979, the Bee Gees performed at the Music for UNICEF concert, singing Too Much Heaven . The concert was also released on an album with this song. Other artists at this concert were ABBA , Andy Gibb , Olivia Newton-John , John Denver , Earth, Wind and Fire , Rita Coolidge , Kris Kristofferson , Rod Stewart and Donna Summer . Robert Stigwood , the manager of the Bee Gees, had the idea for the concert. Three days before the concert, the single Too Much Heaven climbed to first place on the Billboard charts . In total, the Bee Gees were able to transfer more than 7 million US dollars to UNICEF and received thanks from UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim , who described the Bee Gees' gesture as extraordinary and generous. US President Jimmy Carter invited them to the White House to personally thank UNICEF for their support. The Bee Gees brought him one of their black satin jackets as a gift.

Too Much Heaven reached third place in the UK and 10th place in the charts.


For their live tour, the Bee Gees used a specially painted Boeing B720 . This was leased for this time by the McCulloch International airline .

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