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A default value (also blue chip or blue chip is called) in the stock market being a high turnover share of a large company .


The term is not strictly defined; Often other characteristics such as high market capitalization , multinational company , first-class credit rating , membership of certain stock indices , solid financial figures or high profitability are associated with this term. Opposite are the secondary stocks .

Stock indices

The stock indices, which include the strongest companies in a country or an economic region in terms of turnover and / or market capitalization for a specific country ( e.g. DAX , Dow Jones Industrial Average , EURO STOXX 50 and SMI ), consist partially or completely of standard values ​​depending on the perspective.

Since most companies are listed with only one type of share, the “standard value” or “blue chip” attribute is usually transferred from the share to the associated company.


Some examples of standard values ​​are listed below, even if the concept of standard value or blue chips is not precisely defined.

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