Table Mountain

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Table Mountain , Cape Town, South Africa
Lilienstein , Saxon Switzerland
Szczeliniec Wielki ( Big Heuscheuer ), Heuscheuergebirge, Poland
Gamsberg , Namibia
Kukenam-Tepui , Venezuela
Table Mountain on the headland in front of Thule Air Base (right)
Cedar Mountain, Coconino Co., Arizona, USA

A Table Mountain , and Mesa called ( Spanish mesa = "table"), is a mountain with a broad summit level, usually a result flat overlapping sedimentary rocks is. Its mountain slopes are often pronounced as steep slopes .

Table mountains usually have a longitudinally oval shape, i.e. the plateau has a smaller extent in one direction. Typical table mountains can be found, for example, in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains as well as in the Franconian and Swabian Alb , where they are the result of layers ( table Jura ).

Another type are the table mountains, the summit corridor of which consists of a lava blanket . Here the mountain shape is less a result of the shallow sedimentation , but rather the hardness of the rock.

There are also table volcanoes , which were formed under glaciers and also have the typical shape of a table mountain.

List of known table mountains

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