The Magicians (TV series)

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Television series
German title The Magicians
Original title The Magicians
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2015-2020
Universal Cable Productions ,
McNamara Moving Company,
Man Sewing Dinosaur,
Groundswell Productions
length 42 minutes
Episodes 65 in 5 seasons ( list )
genre Drama , fantasy
idea Sera Gamble,
John McNamara
production Mitch Engel
First broadcast December 16, 2015 on Syfy
first broadcast
September 30, 2016 on sixx

The Magicians is an American television series based on the novel of the same name by Lev Grossman . It premiered on December 16, 2015 on Syfy . The broadcaster ordered 13 episodes for the first season of the series. Due to good ratings development , the series was extended for a second season after three broadcast episodes, which again comprises 13 episodes. In Germany, the first season of the series from 30 September to 4 November 2016 when was free TV transmitter sixx broadcast in double episodes; the broadcast of the second season began on October 19, 2017, also on sixx.

In April 2017, Syfy extended the series for a third season. This season was first broadcast in Germany between September 20, 2018 and October 25, 2018 on sixx.

For the fourth season, another 13 episodes were commissioned in February 2018. This season aired on Syfy in January 2019. In the same month Syfy commissioned a fifth season.

In March 2020, Syfy announced the end of the series after five seasons.


The plot is based on the novel of the same name by the American author Lev Grossman, The Magicians. The main character is Quentin Coldwater, who starts studying magic at Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy. There he has to discover that the magical world from his favorite children's books actually exists and represents a danger to humanity.


The German synchronization was for a synchronous book by Janne of buses and Andrea Pichlmaier under the dialogue director of Alexander Brem by the synchronous company Scala Media in Munich .

main actor

actor Role name Season Voice actor
Jason Ralph Quentin Coldwater 1- Felix Mayer
Stella Maeve Julia Wicker 1- Shandra Schadt
Olivia Taylor Dudley Alice Quinn 1- Marcia from Rebay
Hale Appleman Eliot Waugh 1- Julian Manuel
Arjun Gupta William 'Penny' Adiyodi 1- Karim El Kammouchi
Summer Bishil Margo Hanson 1- Anna Ewelina
Jade Tailor Kady Orloff-Diaz 1- Malika Bayerwaltes

Recurring performers

actor Role name Season Voice actor
Rick Worthy Henry Fogg 1- Matthias Klie
Anne Dudek Prof. Pearl Sunderland 1 Melanie Manstein
Trevor unicorn Josh Hoberman 1- Daniel hose
Esmé Bianco Eliza 1 Tatiana Pokorny
Michael Cassidy James 1 Nils Dienemann
Spencer Garrett Ted Coldwater 1- Walter von Hauff
David Call Pete 1 Manou Lubowski
Kacey Rohl Marina Andrieski 1- Katharina Iacobescu
Mackenzie Astin Richard 1-3 Philipp Moog
Brittany Curran Fen 2– Gabrielle Pietermann
Adam DiMarco Todd 1- Tobias John von Freyend
Mageina Tovah Zelda 1- Julia Haacke

Episode list

season 1

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script
1 1 Forbidden magic Unauthorized Magic Dec 16, 2015 Sep 30 2016 Mike Cahill Sera Gamble & John McNamara
2 2 The source of magic The Source of Magic Jan. 25, 2016 Sep 30 2016 Scott Smith Sera Gamble
3 3 The stolen book Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting Feb. 1, 2016 Oct 7, 2016 Scott Smith Henry Alonso Myers
4th 4th Trapped in the mind The World in the Walls Feb 8, 2016 Oct 7, 2016 James L. Conway John McNamara
5 5 Penny's trip to Fillory Mendings, Major and Minor Feb. 15, 2016 Oct 14, 2016 Bill Eagles David Reed
6th 6th Sure to fail Impractical Applications Feb. 22, 2016 Oct 14, 2016 John Stuart Scott Leah Fong
7th 7th The Mayakovsky Circumstanzia The Mayakovsky Circumstance Feb. 29, 2016 Oct 21, 2016 Guy Norman Bee John McNamara
Idea: Mike Moore
8th 8th The strangled heart The Strangled Heart 7th Mar 2016 Oct 21, 2016 Jan Eliasberg David Reed
9 9 The silent place The Writing Room 14 Mar 2016 Oct 28, 2016 James L. Conway Sera Gamble
10 10 Homecoming Homecoming 21 Mar 2016 Oct 28, 2016 Joshua Butler Henry Alonso Myers
11 11 True feelings Remedial Battle Magic 28 Mar 2016 Nov 4, 2016 Amanda Tapping Leah Fong
12 12 39 graves Thirty-Nine Graves Apr 4, 2016 Nov 4, 2016 Guy Norman Bee Leah Fong & Henry Alonso Myers
13 13 Cruel realization Have You Brought Me Little Cakes Apr 11, 2016 Nov 4, 2016 Scott Smith Sera Gamble, John McNamara & David Reed

season 2

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script
14th 1 Knights of the Crowns Knight of Crowns Jan. 25, 2017 19th Oct 2017 Chris Fisher Sera Gamble
15th 2 Elven puzzle Hotel Spa Potions Feb. 1, 2017 19th Oct 2017 Chris Fisher John McNamara
16 3 Divine selection Divine Elimination Feb. 8, 2017 19th Oct 2017 John Scott Henry Alonso Myers
17th 4th The flying forest The Flying Forest Feb. 15, 2017 Oct. 26, 2017 Carol Banker David Reed
18th 5 diplomacy Cheat Day Feb 22, 2017 Oct. 26, 2017 Joshua Butler Mike Moore
19th 6th That means war! The Cock Barrens 1st Mar 2017 Nov 2, 2017 Kate Woods Noga Landau
20th 7th Plan B Plan B March 8 2017 Nov 2, 2017 Chris Fisher Christina Strain
21st 8th Bridges through time and space Word as Bond 15th Mar 2017 Nov 9, 2017 James L. Conway Sera Gamble
22nd 9 The royal solution Lesser Evils 22 Mar 2017 Nov 9, 2017 Rebecca Johnson Elle Lipson & John McNamara
23 10 Dangerous knowledge The Girl Who Told Time 29 Mar 2017 Nov 16, 2017 Joshua Butler Noga Landau & Henry Alonso Myers
24 11 The search for the shadows The Rattening Apr 5, 2017 Nov 16, 2017 James L. Conway Mike Moore
25th 12 Sacrificed Ramifications Apr 12, 2017 23 Nov 2017 Chris Fisher David Reed & Christina Strain
26th 13 The end of the magic? We Have Brought You Little Cakes April 19, 2017 23 Nov 2017 Chris Fisher Sera Gamble & John McNamara

season 3

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script
27 1 The fairy tale of the seven keys The Tales of the Seven Keys Jan. 10, 2018 Sep 20 2018 Chris Fisher Sera Gamble
28 2 Ship with a heart Heroes and Morons Jan. 17, 2018 Sep 20 2018 Chris Fisher John McNamara
29 3 The victims of magic The Losses of Magic Jan. 24, 2018 27 Sep 2018 James L. Conway Henry Alonso Myers
30th 4th The second key Be the penny Jan. 31, 2018 27 Sep 2018 Shannon Kohli David Reed
31 5 A whole life in one day A life in the day 7th Feb 2018 4th Oct 2018 John Scott Mike Moore
32 6th The abyss Do You Like Teeth? Feb. 14, 2018 4th Oct 2018 Carol Banker Noga Landau
33 7th loyalty Poached eggs 21st Feb 2018 Oct 11, 2018 Joshua Butler Elle Lipson
34 8th Six short stories about magic Six Short Stories About Magic 28 Feb 2018 Oct 11, 2018 Salli Richardson-Whitfield Sera Gamble & David Reed
Idea: David Reed
35 9 The dream eater All that Josh 7th Mar 2018 Oct 18, 2018 James L. Conway John McNamara, Jay Gard & Alex Raiman
36 10 The art of doing The Art of the Deal 14 Mar 2018 Oct 18, 2018 Rebecca Johnson Christina Strain
37 11 Timelines Twenty-three 21 Mar 2018 Oct 25, 2018 Meera Menon Henry Alonso Myers & Mike Moore
38 12 The Fillorian candidate The Fillorian Candidate 28 Mar 2018 Oct 25, 2018 Joshua Butler Noga Landau & David Reed
39 13 Are you playing with me? Will you play with me? Apr 4, 2018 Oct 25, 2018 Chris Fisher Sera Gamble & John McNamara

Season 4

Filming for Season 4 began on June 11, 2018 in Vancouver. The English titles of the first 8 episodes became public at the end of August 2018.

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script
40 1 - A Flock Of Lost Birds 23 Jan 2019 - Chris Fisher Sera Gamble
Alice is being held in the library for breaking her contract with the library. The librarians control the magic. The heroes who saved magic have lost all memories about magic. Eliot has been occupied by the very existence they fought against in the final episode of the third season. This kills people, but spares Quentin, whom he sees as a friend. His target are Quentin's hidden friends, who are under a witness protection program spell - this causes them to have a different appearance and are shielded from danger by magical protection. Kady, who works as a policewoman, comes across hedge witches - but whenever she comes close to magic, lamps, computers, etc. explode. When she comes across a comic that explains her real life, she tracks down the others: Margo (head of fashion ), Penny (rapper) and Josh Hoberman. Together with an amulet that you stole from a hedge witch to protect them, they try to find out what happened. Suddenly, Marina, who is a powerful hedge witch, joins them and offers to help the heroes. When she tries to find out who these four people are with a spell, all five collapse on the floor. During the unconsciousness, Ember teleports Margo to Fillory with orders to save Fillory. The last heroine, Julia, was brought to Brakebills on orders from Principal Fogg. There she is supposed to learn magic, but apparently has no magic whatsoever and, like the other heroes with the exception of Alice, cannot remember her actual previous life.
41 2 - Lost, Found, Fucked Jan. 30, 2019 - Chris Fisher John McNamara
Marina tried to take the illusion spell from four of the heroes in the previous episode. However, the spell didn't work - Marina's protective spell saved everyone from death. However, the spell causes an automatic voice message from Henry Fogg to be played on Marina's smartphone. There Fogg's voice warns against further attempts to cancel or investigate the spell, as this would end badly. Marina now knows, however, that there must be four of the heroes and removes the anchoring spell, which suppresses Penny's teleportation ability. Marina travels with Penny to Brakebills, where she uses Dean Fogg's spell against them. Your goal is that he cancels the spell and thereby gains the knowledge to take the spell from the heroes. However, Henry Fogg chooses not to break the spell that lingers on him in order not to endanger his enchanted students. However, Julia learns that the witness protection program charm is on her. When Henry Fogg begins his new life as Marina's beggar father, Julia and Todd, whom she takes in confidence, tries to break the spell and free all heroes, including Julia and Henry Fogg, from the spell. Since the library controls all magic, but the spell is still not broken even though there is no more magic in the room, Todd believes that Henry Fogg actually built his perpetual motion battery. Julia destroys this battery and breaks the spell. At the same time, Margo is traveling Fillory and when she gets her memories back when Julia removes the spell, she is sent back to earth by another deity. Before that, she finds out that there is a box in Fillory that is her birthright. Alice is still stuck in the library but rips a pipe from the wall in which a little magic flows. She controls a cockroach, which is trampled on. However, she regains hope, now that she has found out that she is not completely cut off from the magic. The final parallel storyline is about the cast Elliott and Quentin. Both try to summon a deity, but receive only one servant of the deity. Elliott kills him in a bestial way. When Quentin gets his memories back, he tells the occupied Elliott that he wants his friends back. The episode ends with Quentin and Elliott meeting the four heroes and Marina.
42 3 - The Bad News Bear Feb 6, 2019 - Elie Smolkin David Reed
The library controls the distribution of magic. To be able to use really powerful magic, you need batteries that are distributed by the library. The friends need such batteries to cover their debts with u. a. Marina starting to pay. You need a black card that acts as a kind of credit card for magic batteries with no limit. However, such cards are checked when batteries are picked up. The friends absolutely need a copy of such a card and need batteries to be able to work such strong magic. You can win this battery in a magical card game. With the copied card and a lucky charm that saves them from being blown, they manage to get the batteries. However, a lucky charm is a zero-sum game: Quentin has to hold a bear for as long as it brings him bad luck. And the more luck Penny and Kady need to avoid being exposed in the bank, the more unlucky Quentin is. In the end, he is almost strangled from the toilet by a cobra and hit the ceiling.

Alice and Santa Claus break out of their prison in the library: Alice uses the magic paint on the wall, which has an anti-magic effect, and blows it into the magic lock on the door. She searches for the magical books of her and her friends so that the library cannot use them against her and to find out what to expect in the future. However, she cannot find the books and Santa Claus disappears through the chimney alone. Alice is suddenly kidnapped - in the next episode you learn that the kidnapper is Christopher Plover.

Marina was set up by Kady, who is seeking late revenge for her mother's death. This turns Marina's apartment into the heroes' new headquarters.

43 4th - Marry F *** Kill Feb 13, 2019 - John Scott Henry Alonso Myers
Josh and Margo try to take a curse off the former. The curse forces someone to either kill someone, have sexual intercourse with someone (so that the curse is transmitted), or commit suicide. The curse is transmitted sexually, but only comes into force after thirty years and you have two days to comply with the rules mentioned. Josh got the curse on his mother, who had sexual contact with just such a cursed and Josh was brought into the world as a product of their encounter. Margo finds a spell that needs a rare being's heart - but the spell doesn't work. Josh then locks himself up because he doesn't want to be a rapist or a murderer. But Margo persuades him to have sex with her and thus saves Josh's life. So in thirty years she has to come up with a solution to the problem.

Christopher Plover, the guardian who violated Martin Chatwin as a child, is the one who discovered Alice and brought her to his secret lair. There he explains to her that she should help him to find a world for him where he can live in peace. Alice is reluctant to help him because he raped Martin Chatwin. But he persuades her by helping her to get the books from Alice and her friends and to magically change them so that the library does not know what will really happen in the life of Alice and Co. In return he explains a spell that he used to create his novels - it only needs a brief explanation and the story writes itself. When Alice opens Quentin's book she finds out that he will die in less than a week.

Quentin's father is dead and he's cleaning up his things. He is sad because it was his fault that the father died because he brought the magic back. Eliott cannot understand the grief and explains to Quentin that Eliott is dead. Everyone had hoped that Eliott was still somewhere in his body and couldn't come to the surface because of the monster. However, the viewer realizes that Eliott is actually still trapped in an empty dream world of Brakebills - in his own thoughts.

Julia and Penny are looking for the servant of the deity killed in the previous episode. She thinks her skills are gone. However, they find out that Julia has much more power than she suspects.

44 5 - Escape From The Happy Place Feb. 20, 2019 - Meera Menon Mike Moore
45 6th - A timeline and place Feb. 27, 2019 - James L Conway Christina Strain
46 7th - The side effect March 6, 2019 - Salli Richardson-Whitfield Elle Lipson
47 8th - Home improvement March 13, 2019 - Joshua Butler Jay Gard & Alex Raiman
48 9 - The Serpent 20th March 2019 - Carol Banker Sera Gamble & Alex Ritter
49 10 - All That Hard, Glossy Armor March 27, 2019 - Shannon Kohli John McNamara & Mike Moore
50 11 - The 4-1-1 3rd April 2019 - Meera Menon Henry Alonso Myers & Christina Strain
51 12 - The Secret Sea April 10, 2019 - Shannon Kohli Elle Lipson & David Reed
52 13 - The Seam 17th April 2019 - Chris Fisher Sera Gamble & John McNamara

Season 5

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script
53 1 - Do Something Crazy Jan 15, 2020 - Chris Fisher Henry Alonso Myers
54 2 - The Wrath of the Time Bees Jan. 22, 2020 - Chris Fisher David Reed
55 3 - The Mountain Of Ghosts Jan 29, 2020 - John S. Scott Sera Gamble
56 4th - Magicians Anonymous Feb 5, 2020 - Geeta V. Patel John McNamara
57 5 - Apocalypse? Now ?! Feb 12, 2020 - Shannon Kohli Mike Moore
58 6th - Oops! ... I Did It Again Feb 12, 2020 - John Scott Hillary Benefiel
59 7th - Acting Dean 19th Feb 2020 - Sterlin Harjo Elle Lipson
60 8th - Garden Variety Homicide Feb 26, 2020 - James L. Conway Jay Gard & Alex Raiman
61 9 - Cello Squirrel Daffodil 4th Mar 2020 - Tawnia McKiernan Stephanie Coggins
62 10 - Purgatory 11th Mar 2020 - Shannon Kohli Alex Knight
63 11 - Be The Hyman 18 Mar 2020 - David Reed Mike Moore & David Reed
64 12 - The balls 25th Mar 2020 - Meera Menon Elle Lipson & John McNamara & Joseph Mireles
65 13 - Fillory And Further Apr 1, 2020 - Chris Fisher Sera Gamble & Henry Alonso Myers

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