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Melanie Bianca Manstein (* 1972 ; née Jung ) is a German voice actress , audio book speaker and actress .

Theater, film and television

Manstein plays in the theater and has also made guest appearances in television series. In 1996 she was the cashier in the film Hunger - Longing for Love . She played the role of Gesine in the television series Hausmeister Krause - Order must be .

She works as a voice actress and has dubbed actresses such as Jennifer Love Hewitt , Jessica Biel and Isla Fisher . In addition to films and series, she works as a spokesperson in cartoons and anime series, including Sailor Moon , Pokémon and DoReMi .

Synchronous rollers (selection)



Filmography (selection)

Audio books

Manstein works as a spokesperson for audio books , some of which were written by Andreas Masuth .

  • Danger - Part 0 - Time zones
  • Something like love
  • Mimi Rutherfurt determined 06
  • Dark Trace - traces of the crime
  • Linford Alley, ring 3 times


Manstein's father was the music producer and composer Robert Jung .

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