Bosch (TV series)

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Television series
German title Bosch
Original title Bosch
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) since 2014
Amazon Studios
Factory Entertainment
length 40-50 minutes
Episodes 60 in 6+ seasons ( list )
genre Crime , drama , neo-noir thriller
Theme music Caught A Ghost - Can't Let Go
idea Eric Overmyer
production Henrik Bastin,
Mikkel Bondesen,
Michael Connelly ,
Jan David Frouman,
Eric Overmyer
music Jesse Voccia
Initial release February 6, 2014 (US) on Amazon Instant Video

First publication in German
June 26, 2015 on Amazon Instant Video

Bosch is a US crime series produced by Amazon Studios and Fabrik Entertainment since 2014 . The series, based on Eric Overmyer's ideas, is based on Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch novels Kein Engel so rein (Original title City of Bones , 2002) and Die Frau im Beton ( The Concrete Blonde , 1994). Overmyer and Connelly also act as producers on the series.

Initially, only a pilot episode was released on Amazon Instant Video on February 6, 2014 . In order to decide whether to produce further episodes, Amazon let its customers rate the series. After the positive feedback, nine more episodes of the ten-part first season were released on February 13, 2015. The German version has been available on Amazon Instant Video since June 26, 2015. The German-language free TV premiere of the first season took place from February 15, 2019 on the Swiss broadcaster SRF Zwei .


season 1

Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch, war veteran and homicide detective of the Los Angeles Police Department in Hollywood , has to answer in court for official use of firearms resulting in death. At the same time, he is sued under civil law by the family of the death victim for unlawful homicide. Bosch is actually released from duty because of the procedure, but he still does his police work with his colleague Jerry Edgar. When one day a doctor's dog finds human bones in a forest, Bosch takes on the case. One young person's bones were buried for around 25 years and are evidence of severe abuse. Bosch and Jerry Edgar then start the investigation.

season 2

Bosch and Jerry Edgar are investigating the murder of porn film producer Tony Allen. The traces lead to Las Vegas to the Armenian Mafia, with whom the victim was involved in business. It turns out that the FBI is also investigating the organization. When Deputy Chief Irving's son is shot dead on duty in Los Angeles, he asks Bosch for help. The investigation into this case leads Bosch to a group of corrupt police officers and a former homicide detective, who are apparently also connected to the Tony Allen murder case.

season 3

Bosch and assistant prosecutor Anita Benitez are preparing the charges against Hollywood director Andrew Holland, who is charged with the murder of a young actress. At the same time, Bosch and Jerry Edgar take over the investigation into the murder of homeless war veteran Billy Meadows, which they lead to a group of former comrades from Meadows. When Edward Gunn, an acquitted suspect in one of Bosch's previous cases, is found dead, Bosch finds himself a suspect in the investigation. But Bosch, who had previously observed Gunn on his own in order to convict him of the murder, assumes that someone is trying to frame him for the murder of Gunn.

Season 4

After the murder of civil rights attorney Howard Elias, Bosch is appointed by Chief Irving as the lead investigator in the case. The investigations are being accompanied by keen public interest, as Elias previously led several trials and an ongoing procedure against the LAPD for illegal police violence, and must be investigated in-house. Eleanor, the ex-wife of Bosch device, during their undercover work for the FBI in the crosshairs of the Chinese mafia . Meanwhile, Bosch is still trying to solve the unsolved murder of his mother. The season is based on the novel Black Angels .

Season 5

The story is about an old murder sentence, a case Bosch worked on that has been questioned and may involve other previous convictions and endanger his career. A former friend who blames him for stalling her police career, who now works for the prosecutor, accuses Bosch of providing evidence and accepts at face value a demand for new DNA evidence that supposedly appears to be another To bind criminals to the crime. Bosch hires Honey Chandler to represent him in his fight against the murderer's rescue. Simultaneously, Bosch and Jerry try to uncover an opioid ring implicated in the murder of a struggling pharmacist and his endangered son. Bosch's daughter Maddie worries about the investigation into her father's old case and the upcoming anniversary of her mother's murder during an internship at the prosecutor's office. Chief Irving, meanwhile, is considering a serious offer to win him as a candidate for mayor.

Season 6

Medical physicist Stanley Kent is found murdered in Los Angeles. Before his death, the man had worked with dangerous radioactive material that has now disappeared without a trace. Detective Harry Bosch is supposed to investigate the case and soon comes across a mysterious connection to a terrorist organization. This plans an attack on the whole city with a radioactive weapon.

Background and production

On October 31, 2013, Amazon announced that it was releasing a free pilot episode in early 2014. Based on the audience feedback, Amazon will decide on the further production of the series. Connelly himself and Eric Overmyer ( Treme ) worked on the script for Amazon's in-house production . In addition to Bosch lead actor Titus Welliver , Annie Wersching , Amy Price-Francis and Jamie Hector were announced as actors. Contrary to the announcement, Price-Francis was not accepted into the cast.

After the pilot episode was published on February 6, 2014, Amazon announced in March 2014 that it would order a season of the Bosch novel adaptation . In Germany, Amazon Instant Video customers were able to watch the pilot in the original English language with German subtitles from July 21, 2014. Jaime Ray Newman and Sarah Clarke were also announced as supporting actresses .

In January 2015, Amazon announced that it would release the ten-part first season on February 13, 2015. The dubbed German version was released on June 26th. In March 2015, Amazon extended the series by a second season, which was released in the original version on March 11, 2016. The German version was released on April 7, 2016. Three weeks after the release of season 2, Amazon Studios commissioned Bosch to produce a third season . Both the English and German versions of the third season were released on April 21, 2017.

A fourth season of the series was ordered back in October 2016. It has been available since April 2018. The fifth season was announced in February 2018 and has been available since the beginning of April 2019.

Before the fifth season was finished, Amazon had already announced a sixth season for 2020. A final seventh season has also been confirmed by Amazon.

The sixth season has been available since April 17, 2020 both in the original English version and in the German synchronization on Amazon Prime.

Cast and dubbing

The German dubbing is produced under the dialogue direction by Benedikt Rabanus and Clemens Frohmann and the dialogue book by Benedikt Rabanus, Tobias Neumann and Carsten Bengelsdorf at Film- & Fernseh-Synchron GmbH in Munich.

role actor Main role Supporting role Voice actor
Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch Titus Welliver 1- Matthias Klie
Jerry Edgar Jamie Hector 1- Benedikt Gutjan
Grace Billets Amy Aquino 1- Susanne von Medvey
Irvin Irving Lance Reddick 1- Thomas Wenke
Julia Brasher Annie Wersching 1 Melanie Manstein
Eleanor Wish Sarah Clarke 1-2, 4 3 Claudia Lössl
Raynard Waits Jason Gedrick 1 Manou Lubowski
Madeline "Maddie" Bosch Madison Lintz 2– 1 Paulina Rümmelein
Veronica Allen Jeri Ryan 2 3 Anke Reitzenstein
Carl Nash Brent Sexton 2 Detlef Bierstedt
Richard "Rick" O'Shea Steven Culp 1- Manfred Trilling
Honey "Money" Chandler Mimi Rogers 1- Marina Koehler
George Irving Robbie Jones 1-2 Alexander Turrek
Det. "Barrel" Johnson Troy Evans 1- Wolfgang Müller
Det. Robert "Crate" Moore Gregory Scott Cummins 1- Crock Krumbiegel
Sgt. John Mankiewicz Scott Klace 1- Mike Carl
Sgt. Amy Snyder Winter Ave Zoli 4th 3 Maria Magdalena Rabl
Anita Benitez Paola Turbay 3 Ulla Wagener
Det. Santiago "Jimmy" Robertson Paul Calderón 3– Gudo Hoegel
Cpt. Ellen Lewis Brooke Smith 3 Ulrike Jenni
Rudy Tafero Arnold Vosloo 3 Martin Keßler
Bradley Walker John Getz 3-4 Leon Rainer
Det. Francis Sheehan Jamie McShane 4th Michael Roll
Sgt. Gabriella Lincoln Tamberla Perry 4th Jacqueline Belle

Episode list



The series was largely positively received by critics in German-speaking countries. Nina Rehfeld from FAZ sees the figure of Detective Bosch in the tradition of Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler , the series captivates with its relaxed attitude. Rehfeld particularly emphasizes the “careful figure drawing” and the “silent, sustainable development of the story”. For Joachim Huber from Tagesspiegel , the series is a combination of “fan television and character television”, the cases are “brutal and bloody and as bizarre as Los Angeles”. Huber praises the complexity of the story, which develops several cases at the same time, "parallelizes" them and then links them together again. Clemens Schömann-Finck from Focus also emphasizes the complexity of the storylines, which “ended up wonderfully together”. However, he sees weaknesses in the third season, it seems "at times artificially inflated and in many places somehow loveless".


The series was nominated in 2015 for the Primetime Emmy in the category “Outstanding Main Title Design”. The music for the series won the 2016 ASCAP Awards in the "Top TV Series" category. In the same year Madison Lintz , actress of Maddie Bosch, was nominated for the Young Artist Award in the category "Best Performance in a TV Series - Recurring Young Actress". The series itself was nominated for the Saturn Award for Best New Media TV Series in 2016 and 2017 .

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