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United Cinemas International ( UCI or UCI Kinowelt ) is a cinema company that belongs to the Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group. This has been owned by the American cinema chain AMC , which is a subsidiary of the Chinese Wanda Group , since November 2016 . The German headquarters are in Bochum .


UCI essentially emerged from the sale of the European cinema activities of the American cinema chain AMC (CEO Stanley Durwood) to Paramount Pictures and MCA / Universal Studios . AMC - then American Multi Cinema - (not to be confused with the AMC mentioned above, see main article) was a cinema chain founded by Stanley Durwood in the USA, which built the first multiplex cinemas. At the time of his death in 1999, Durwood was operating the fourth largest cinema chain in the world. He built the UK's first multiplex with AMC in Milton Keynes in 1985 as a first step in his European expansion.

At this time, Wolfgang Braun, co-owner and managing director of MBS Kino GmbH, at that time a small cinema company that operated two cinemas with three screens in Bochum, and Thomas Menne developed the idea of ​​building the first multiplex cinema chain in Germany and Austria. The idea arose in the offices of MBS Kino GmbH in Bochum's main train station. Braun and Menne looked for the capital for the planned expansion in German-speaking countries by letter to the largest American cinema chains at the time, and after years of negotiation they found the desired partner in AMC and Stanley Durwood. Due to financial difficulties in the USA, Durwood, whose multiplex cinema chain had meanwhile captured significant market shares in Great Britain, decided to sell its European cinema activities to the subsidiary United Cinemas International, a joint venture of the film studios Paramount and MCA / Universal at the time. As part of this sale, Wolfgang Braun became General Manager and Managing Director of United Cinemas International Multiplex GmbH, Thomas Menne acted as Director Operations & Film. UCI was able to open the first multiplex cinema in Germany in October 1990 in Hürth , shortly afterwards the opening of further locations, including the flagship at that time in Bochum with 18 halls, at the time the largest multiplex cinema in Germany. Further locations were developed under the leadership of Braun / Menne, including in Austria. Wolfgang Braun left UCI to set up the German subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios - Buena Vista International Germany GmbH - and Thomas Menne was appointed managing director of the cinema division at Neue Constantin Film in Munich, a joint venture between Dr. Leo Kirch and Bernd Eichinger as well as some small co-shareholders. In addition to a film production company and a film distribution company, it initially operated a joint venture company with Warner Bros. Film GmbH with the aim of building a nationwide, German multiplex cinema chain that is in direct competition with the Cinemaxx Group, the UCI and later Cinestar should. The flagship here was the CINEDOM in Cologne.

Since 2004, the European UCI companies have belonged to the investment company Terra Firma Capital Partners . As a result of restructuring, the UCI cinemas were incorporated into the ODEON cinema chain, which was also acquired by Terra at the beginning of 2006.

In autumn 2008, UCI took over four cinemas from the Kinoplex chain. These are the cinemas in Flensburg, Wilhelmshaven, Paderborn and Bad Oeynhausen.

On January 30, 2019, Constantin Film-Holding GmbH announced the purchase of all three UCI cinemas in Austria.

The enterprise

UCI pursued a different location concept to Cinemaxx , the former Ufa cinemas and Cinestar . While the latter relied more on the classic, central inner city location, UCI preferred to locate its new buildings in peripheral locations that are well connected for car traffic and, if possible, also in densely populated areas with sufficient and free parking. In the meantime, many cinema complexes have been renovated, improved and equipped with the latest technology.

Overall, the Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group operates in thirteen countries with over 360 cinemas and over 2900 screens. In Germany, UCI has 215 screens and 46,225 seats at 24 locations.

Locations in Germany

city designation particularities Halls Seats image
Bad Oeynhausen Bad Oeynhausen 9 2197
Berlin Berlin on Eastgate 8th 1662 UCI Kinowelt am Eastgate marzahn 2016-07-05 ama fec (4) .jpg
Berlin Colosseum 10 2587
Berlin Gropius Passages Luxe 6th 835
Berlin Mercedes-Platz Luxe, IMAX 14th 1623
Bochum Bochum Ruhrpark IMAX 14th 3265 Bochum - At the shopping center - Ruhrpark 18 ies.jpg
cottbus Cottbus - Am Lausitz Park 9 2202 UCI Kinowelt Cottbus.jpg
Dessau-Rosslau Dessau 7th 1367 Dessau, UCI Kinowelt.jpg
Dresden Dresden Elbe Park 9 2481 Elbepark dresden.JPG
Dusseldorf Dusseldorf IMAX with laser 9 2573 Düsseldorf - Franziusstrasse - UCI 02 ies.jpg
Duisburg Duisburg 8th 1995 Duisburg UCI Kinowelt.jpg
Flensburg Flensburg 8th 1989 Flensburg cinema at the ZOB (in 2013) .jpg
Gera Gera 8th 1742 UCI-Kinowelt Gera.jpg
Hamburg Hamburg Mundsburg 8th 1818 UCI Mundsburg - Hamburger Strasse 1–15.jpg
Hamburg-Othmarschen -Park IMAX 9 2466 UCI Othmarschen Park - Hamburg Baurstrasse 2.jpg
Hamburg- Wandsbek (Smart City) IMAX 9 2302
Huerth Cologne Huerth Park 14th 2274
Kaiserslautern Kaiserslautern 8th 1996
Leipzig Leuna , Nova Shopping Center 10 1876 Günthersdorf, UCI Kinowelt.jpg
Neuss Neuss 7th 1894
Nordhorn Nordhorn Luxe 6th 506
Paderborn Paderborn 8th 1818
Potsdam Potsdam Luxe 8th 1072
Wilhelmshaven Wilhelmshaven 9 1685 Imagedrohne.com Kinopalast - panoramio.jpg

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