Shallows of the Rhine

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Krausaue, on the right bank of the Rhine above the Binger Loch
Near estuary at low tide
Perforated bricks
Big and small last
Clemensgrund and Clemenskapelle
Great Wacken
Bacharacher Werth with a fin ripper
Wild danger, Bacharacher on the left, Kauber Werth on the right
Jungferngrund across from Oberwesel

Shallows of the Rhine can be found in numerous places in its course. In the course of time, the Rhine has dug a very narrow and winding river bed through the Rhenish Slate Mountains . Rocks remained above and below the surface of the water, which hindered navigation on the Rhine or endangered them when the water levels were low. Today, many of these shallows have been removed or defused by the expansion of the Rhine. The old names that were coined by boatmen and fishermen still exist. Between Sankt Goar and Oberwesel shipping is by means of light signals since 1972 aware of looks . Until 1988, the Rhine pilots were active on the route from Sankt Goar to Bingen .

The most famous shoals

Surname km shore description
millstone 529.2 RU A Rhine mill used to be anchored on this rock, which lies close to the banks of the Rhine between Rüdesheim and Ehrenfels Castle . The heart of the history professor Niklas Vogt , a teacher of Prince von Metternich, lies beneath an iron cross embedded in the rock .
Fiddel 529.4 RU Rock, on which the customs chain between the Binger mouse tower and Ehrenfels Castle was previously attached.
Binger hole 530.6 fairway Under the government of Friedrich Wilhelm III. the fairway was extended to 30 meters. A memorial was erected there in 1832. The current width is 120 meters.
Perforated bricks 530.6   Remains of the rock barrier in Binger Loch.
Long place     Denotes the end of the narrow passage at Binger Loch .
Beckersley 532.2 LU Slate rock, formerly owned by the Becker family.
Big and small last 532.3 RU Rocks running in the direction of the current, in Assmannshausen .
Clemensgrund 533.7 RU Named after the former parish church of Sankt Clemens in Trechtingshausen .
Teufelskader Leyen 534.9 RU Rock, from the Latin cataracta = lock, waterfall. Devil possibly personal name or reference to a disreputable place.
Rösselgrund 535.5 LU Shallow; Rossel or Rösel denotes a scree slope from which stones roll down.
Heimbacher Hole 537.0 LU Narrow waters.
Great Wacken 537.2 RU Mhd. Wacke, field stone protruding from the ground.
Cariusley 538.8 RU Rocks at Lorcher Werth.
Lorcher church lily 540.1 RU Rock near the church of Saint Martin.
Cross benches 541.3 RU Rock bank at the former Fürstenthal monastery.
Groscheley 541.6 RU rock
Lorchhausen reason 542.2 LU Shoals and Kribben near Lorchhausen .
Wirbelley 542.9 RU Rock slope near the vortex.
Macaw Bacchi 543.4 fairway 1850 blasted rock. Also Elterstein or Altarstein .
Fin ripper 543.5 LU Rock that tears the rafts apart.
The wild danger 544.7 LU Fairway between Kauber- and Bacharacher Werth , defused since 1976.
Weinsteinerleyen 544 LU Rocks between LU and Bacharacher Werth.
Thieves 544 LU Rocks between LU and Bacharacher Werth.
Rauscheley 547.3 RU Rock, term for scree slopes on the Middle Rhine.
Gruyeregrund 547.6 RU shallow
Wolfsnacker benches 548.2 RU Rocks, perhaps named after the wolf that used to live here.
Rabenley 548.8 LU Rocks on which ravens nest.
Kirchley 549.6 LU Rocks at the Liebfrauenkirche.
Rossstein 550.7 RU Rock, perhaps derived from me rosteyne - flax roast or rough, bare stone.
The seven virgins 550.9 RU Rocks and sandbar. According to the legend, the seven rocks are seven petrified virgins from the Schönburg , who were petrified as punishment for the jokes they did with their suitors.
Hammer Leyen 550.8 LU Rock with Hamm is the name given to the outer arch of a river bend.
Deaf Werth 551.0 LU Island; Baptism refers to a shallow water hole, when the tide is low you can walk to the island.
Maarley 551.5 LU rock
Urbach reason 552.0 RU Shoal, alluvial cone of the Urbach.
Furtsley 552.1 RU Rocks, ford, d. H. shallow spot in the water.
Geisenrücke and Heringsnas 552.0-552.5 Rocks, rock ridge running lengthways in the river, reminiscent of the back of a goat, Heringsnas is the southern tip. If the water level in Kaub is less than 1.30 m, the left bank of the Rhine is closed.
Kammereck 552.9 LU Rocks, too kamme - land that belongs to the manorial financial management.
Alkensteine 553.1 RU rock
Sennerley 553.2 RU rock
Corner benches 553.4 LU Rock bank on the Betteck.
The lunge and the Schappe 554.0 RU From Latin longus - long and mhd. Schopp - shed, barn , building on the bank. At 26 meters, the Loreley was the deepest point in the Rhine.
Betteck 554.0 LU Rocks, signal point
Fourteen helpers 554.0 LU Rock; on the embankment, just before the tunnel entrance to the Betteck tunnel, there are 14 stylized holy houses , the area from St. Goar to Oberwesel has always been feared by boatmen.
Lützelsteine 554.3 LU Felsen, mhd. Lützel = small (cf. English little), signal point.
Green ground 555.0 RU Shoal, see Grien - gravel, rubble. Largely eliminated in 1976.
The clode At St.Goar. Clode - Narrow place, or derived from the personal name Cloth.
Bank check or bank stones 555.4 LU Rock, today the location of the signal point and pilot museum.
Hard stones 556.3 RU Rock group
Black ground 556.3 LU Alluvial cone
Kettle and vortex 555.6 LU rock
Donkey ground 555.9 RU Shallows, deposits of the forest stream, a wooden frame is also referred to as donkey .
Hasenbachgrund 556.7 RU Shallow Hasenbach estuary.
At the Hottentot 559.2 LU Rock; The corruption of Hundort directly at the Hundhafen. In Rhenish, dog is also called a strong Christmas tree .
Wellmicher place 559.7 RU Sandbank at the mouth of the Wellmicher Bach.
Gaulsgrund 562.0 RU Shallow at Gaulsbach.
Hirzenacher Leyen 562.8 LU rock
Kesterter reason 563.0 RU Gravel ground on the sliding slope near Kestert
At the Nonnenstein 563.8 LU Shallow, this is where pilgrims used to cross on their way to Kamp-Bornhofen .
Kesterter Leyen 563.9 RU Outcrop
At the tailor 565.2 LU Roadstead , Bad Salzig (family name)
On the stone man 568.1 LU Shallows, old milestones on the bank.
Bornhofen reason 567.8 RU Bottom, shoal
Martinsgrund 569.5 LU Shoal, named after the St. Martin chapel mentioned in 911.
Bischofsgrund 569.3 RU Shoal of gravel near the old castle in Kamp .
Filsener Leyen 570.3 RU Rocks near Filsen .
Filsen reason 572.5 RU Scree bank at Filsen.
Peternacher Leyen 573.3 LU Shallows, slate rocks near the former Peternach settlement.
Easter spa sand 573.8 RU Sandbank on the sliding slope near Osterspai .
On the Schottel 576.5 LU Shallow, previously long gravel ridges; Schotter-Schottel.
The narrow door 576.5 RU earlier fairway for ships with little draft.
Kippers base 579.0 LU shallow
Niederspayer fairway 580.0 LU shallow
Braubacher Grund 580.0 RU Shallow , separates Braubacher from Nieder spayer fairway.
Breyer Leyen 581.0 LU Rocks at Brey .
Schlierbachsort 581.7 RU Alluvial cone mouth Schlierbach.
Königsstuhlgrund 583.7 LU Shallow at the height of the Königsstuhl near Rhens .
Kapuzinergrund 591.5 LU Shallow in Koblenz , on which the Romans built a bridge over the Rhine in 49 AD .
Unkelstein 636.6 LU Basal reef across from Unkel
Deutz plate 687.3 fairway 500 m long gravel and sand bank created by the widening of the river bed and the associated reduction in flow velocity below the port entrance.

Common name components

  • Bank - sand or gravel bank
  • Corner - sharp bend in the river or ledge
  • Danger - dangerous place, sometimes also vehicle
  • Grien - sandy shore, from Middle High German, partly also green
  • Bottom - deposits in the area of ​​river mouths and sliding slopes
  • Ledges - rock ridge in the direction of the river
  • Ley - rocks, slate rocks
  • Hole - cut into a rock barrier
  • Back - elongated elevation
  • Wacken - thick boulder
  • Eddy - whirlpool

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