Victor Davis

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Victor Davis (born February 10, 1964 in Guelph , † November 13, 1989 in Montreal ) was a Canadian swimmer .

He won his first major title at the 1982 World Championships in Guayaquil over 200 m breaststroke . At the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles , he was Olympic champion over 200 m breaststroke and won over 100 m breaststroke and the silver medal with the Canadian individual medley over 4 × 100 m. At the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 , Adrian Moorhouse's opponent only won silver with the tier relay.

In 1989 he ended his career as a swimmer. A few months after his resignation, he was run over by a car while leaving a bar and the driver hit a hit . Two days later he died of his serious injuries and his organs were released for organ donation .

In 1994 he was inducted into the hall of fame of international swimming .

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